I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


6. Dont date her yet

Liam's P.O.V

Tuesday Morning

I was awoken to the sound of laughter. I opened my eyes and sat up, everyone was awake and laughing

"whats funny?"

everyone just continued to laugh

"c'mon guys, just tell me"

they couldnt stop, so i just ignored them and walked into the kitchen, where ruth was making cereal. She turned and instantly started laughing, ok now this is winding me up

"god, what is rong with everyone?"

she continued to laugh but ccame over and gave me a hug. We pulled apart and she went back to her breakfast

"oh liam, i do love you"

"i wont love you back if you dont tell me why your all laughing"

"dont you know?"

i shook my head and she carried her bowl to the island. after sitting down and talking a few spoonfuls she looked up at me

"you might want to look in a mirror before you go out"

it suddenly clicked on me what had happened. I sighed as i walked into te lounge, where everyone was still laughing. they all looked up at me and frankie stood up and came over to give me a hug. i opened my arms and pulled her in and instead of letting her go i picked her up. she instantly screamed(my ears actually began to hurt) so i walked over to the sofa. The boys all jumped up and i chucked frankie on the sofa, she was still laughing

"that was not nice liam"

i stuck my tongue out at her and she did the same so i plonked myself down and put my arm around her

"its what you deserved"

"its wasnt my idea"

i scanned the boys, who began whistling and looking around the room, trying(and failing) to be innocent.

"i can believe that"

she smiled

"good because it was all louis' idea"

louis looked shocked

"was not! i just joined in with what harry was doing"

harry pushed him

"i was copying niall"

it ended up getting into an arguement, which ended with me and frankie sneaking out and the others play fighting on the sofa. Me and frankie headed up the stairs slowly

"so, is there anything you want to do today?"

she shook her head

"not really"

"well, im all yours all week"

she smiled


"so, name what you want and its yours"

"i dont know, lets do something fun"

"like? name it and we'll do it"

she thought for a moment, an idea was clearly not coming to her so i grabbed her hands

"let me suprise you"

she smiled and nodded

"suprise me"

we had reached her door and she smiled as she walked inside and shut the door, i smiled as i walked off to my room and went inside. I ended up getting changed into my blue checkered shirt and some black jeans. i put my big, brown worker boots on and styled my hair then ran outside and went downstairs. Everyone was in the lounge but louis walked out(probably to go and get changed because we were all staying in my room) i went and sat down on the sofa next to frankie, who had gotten changed into a strap, black playsuit. The rest of the boys were just wearing their bottoms from yesterday and no tops(i only just remembered that we had taken them off because of the rain). I turned to frankie

"i've got a suprise for you"

she smiled and her face lit up


"well im not going to tell you am i? it wont be a suprise then"

she nodded

"fine... smelly"

i poked my tongue out at her and she did the same but we both ended up laughing, but then i turned to the boys

"boys, we need a chat, like now outside"

they nodded and we all walked outside, leaving frankie

"fine, leave me alone, thats great, im fine"

i turned to her

"you'll love it, i promise, you deserve the best and this is the best"

she smiled and nodded, i followed my boys outside and she picked up the remote and turned on the tv. Louis came downstairs,wearing his superman top and jeans, he joined us and they all looked at me

"right boys, i need to know something"


i turned to zayn

"i need to know how much it would cost to hire out a whole cinema screen"


Frankie's P.O.V

Liam and the other boys went outside and i just decided to watch the tv. i had to admit that i felt a bit lonely but he said it would be good so i believe him. I began watching 'spongebob squarepants' which i know was odd but im used to watching it because of all the young kids at the care home. About half an hour later(i know this because i managed to watch two episodes) liam and the boys walked back in, this time they were all changed. they sat down around me and i turned to liam

"so, what are we doing today then?"

he smiled

"we're taking you out"

"i guessed that, but where?"

"its a secret so we cant tell you just go and get some shoes"

i nodded and ran out and up to my room. i pulled out elena's black heels which i sorta borrowed and forgot to give back(shes done it to me so its fair) i ran downstairs(yeah, i ran in heels, be proud of me) the boys were all in the hallway, waiting for me. Liam smiled and i went over to him, he looped his arm and i linked my arm in his. we laughed as we all walked outside and headed over to a really nice car. 

"whos car is that?"


louis smiled as he unlocked it

"thats what a record deal gives you"

i smiled as harry and louis jumped in the front and niall and zayn got in the back. i turned to liam and before i could say anything he put a finger over my mouth

"sit on my lap"

i smiled but nodded. talk about sibling connection. I got in and when we were all ready louis set off. The radio was switched on by harry and Jason Derulo - Dont Wanna Go Home began playing, louis slid down all the windows and turned the volume up. we all began singing and trying to dance along. After a few different songs we pulled up in a car park, we all got out except louis, who poked his head out of the window

"im just going to pick up hannah"

we all nodded and he drove off, i turned to liam

"where now?"

"now, we wait for louis"

i nodded and looked at the others. Harry, zayn and niall were all sitting on a brick wall nearby, liam walked over to them and i just followed. i tryed getting up but i just couldnt make it, i sighed as i got ready to jump again. I jumped and instead of falling i felt two strong hands under my arms, i looked up to see niall's smiling face

"push up and i'll pull"

i nodded and did as he said. A few seconds later i was sitting on the wall, swinging my legs and smiling down at liam, who had decided to just sit on the floor. Harry pulled out his ipod and shoved his earphones in his ears, zayn did the same and liam soon followed. i turned to niall

"arent you going to listen to yours?"

he shook his head

"no, firstly i dont have it and secondly i cant be bothered because im talking to you"

i smiled and he smiled back, i could feel myself falling into his baby blue eyes that matched his top. I leant in slowly, i dont want to brag but i could feel him leaning in as well. we were quite close until i heard liam's voice

"guys, hes here"

we pulled away and looked to where he was pointing. Louis' car entered the car park and pulled up next to us, he jumped out and went round to the passengers seat and opened the door. A blonde girl got out and turned to face us, she hugged all the boys and came to me, i was too scared to jump so niall held out his hands. i grabbed them and jumped down, feeling completely safe with him.

"im hannah, louis' girlfriend"

"frankie, liam's sister, ive heard so much about you"

she smiled and turned to louis, who smiled back, she gave me a hug

"likewise, its great to meet you"

i nodded


we smiled as liam came up to us

"are we going inside then?"

we nodded and began walking, i wasnt too sure where i was going but hannah lead me(louis probably told her in the car) we had linked arms and just began chatting about random girly things whilst the boys just followed behind.


Niall's P.O.V

i cant believe i nearly kissed her! like nearly kissed her! those soft lips just kept calling me, i can bearly resist her although theres only one problem. Liam. god knows what he would do if he found out, although we are best mates i think it would be a bit awkward if i just began dating his sister and im sure hes going to be quite protective over her after everything shes been through. we all followed her and hannah into the cinema, although frankie doesnt know it yet. When we walked in i heard frankie gasp, she turned and ran into liam. i heard a muffled 'thank you' and she let go and walked back over to hannah. Liam walked over to the desk

"which screen?"


he nodded and grabbed frankies hand, we all followed them through the double doors. We instantly got surrounded by fans but liam just kept pulling frankie through them. When we finallty reached our screen liam turned to frankie

"are you ready?"

she nodded and they walked through the doors. When we reached the bottom of the middle stair-case she turned to him

"where is everyone?"

"everyone is in another screen, this ones all yours"

she leapt into his arms and he spun her around, now thats brother and sisterly love. She pulled away and ran up to the top

"i wanna sit at the top, c'mon guys"

we all laughed as we followed her up the stairs, except louis and hannah who had decided to cuddle up together at the front. Zayn, me, frankie, liam and harry was the order we had decided to sit in, i kept trying to convince myself that i was looked at harry and liam, who were planning on throwing popcorn at louis and hannah(although im not too sure when they brought it) buut i eventually found my eyes wandering to frankie's beautiful face. she wasnt wearing any makeup and to be honest im glad she wasnt because it covers up her natural beauty in which she has loads of. She ended up noticing this because her face went a dark red colour and a sneaky smile appeared on her face. I quickly looked away and back at the screen before my face turned that colour too, I wasnt too sure on what liam had picked for us to watch but when 'The Hangover Part II' began playing i knew he had made a great choice. Sometime during the film i noticed harry, liam and zayn stand up and walk to the top of the staircase but liam leant over to me

"look after her, we'll be right back"

i nodded, realising he meant frankie. Frankie looked at me confused but i shook it off, we both looked at zayn and liam tiptoeing down the stairs(harry was climbing over the seats) it took me a few seconds to realise that they were heading towards louis and hannah(who were snuggled up together) frankie leant over to me

"what are they doing?"

"probably going to attack lou and han with the popcorn"

she smiled and we both began to watch as the boys got closer and closer to the loved up couple. When they were right behind them they all emptied their popcorn bags over their heads. Hannah and louis both jumped nup and began brushing it off. The boys just laughed and split up, running off around the room. Louis picked up some of the popcorn and ran after them. I waved hannah over and she hurried up the stairs to safety.

"i will never fully understand the workings of their brains"

i laughed

"join the club"

frankie turned to me "your just as bad"

we all laughed and i ended up nodding in agreement. Hannah sat down next to us and we all tryed to watch the film, and when i say tryed we really did but its slightly difficult if you keep seeing little things getting thrown across the screen and hearing harry's signature laugh with zayn screaming 'watch the hair' louis just screaming and liam tripping up as he tryed running away. It was quite funny to watch if im being truthful.

By the end of the film they had all calmed down(or ran out of popcorn that wasnt squashed into the carpet) and were sitting miles away from each other, i turned to hannah as she went over to wake up louis, who was flopped on three seats, I smiled as i looked down at the girl that was leaning on my shoulder. Liam walked over and started laughing when he saw frankie but i just sat there confused

"whats funny?"

"shes fallen asleep on you"

i started laughing as well "really?"

he nodded and sat down on the back of the chair in front, and put his hand on her arm , he gently shook her and she stirred, slowly waking up.


"the films finsihed, sleeping beauty"

she sat up off my shoulder and looked at me


i shook my head

"dont be, i was close to falling asleep too"

she smiled and i smiled back, it felt like ages but liam spoke up

"anyway lets go out for lunch"

we broke our gaze and nodded, he helped frankie up and she walked off and went over to hannah, who was about to leave holding louis' hand. Me and liam began walking down the stairs, i noticed then that we were the last two, he stopped me and stared at me

"you like her, dont you?"

crap. i knew he meant frankie but i didnt want to admit it just yet

"what? like who?"

"you like my sister, i can see it in your eyes"

"what?... i dont know what your on abo-"

he interupted me

"look i know you do so dont bother trying not to admit it"

i sighed, he had caught me out

"ok, so maybe shes a really pretty girl"

he nodded, "she gets it from me"

we laughed and slowly began walking down the stairs

"can you not ask her out yet?"


he looked upset

"because i've only just got her back and i dont want to lose her to anyone yet, and i know you'll treat her amazing and i trust you alot with her but i just dont want her having all the attention and i just want her to get used to it all first before anything serious like that happens"

i felt my heart sink as i realised that no matter what he wouldnt change his mind, once liam has an idea he doesnt stop until its done and i knew he didnt want me with her... although he did say 'yet'

"oh so not now?"

"yeah, i just want to let her get used to all the fame we have and my lifestyle"

i nodded "i understand... but liam?"


"will you give me permission to ask her later on? once shes used to it?"

he hesitated "i... i dont know, it would be a bit wierd"

i nodded "course it will, it was a stupid question"

he nodded and ran off and i just slumped myself down on the steps and put my head in my hands. great. and he i was thinking i had found a girl that would make me so happy... guess i was wrong.

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