I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


11. Bowling

Louis's P.O.V

Thursday Afternoon

i slung my arm around hannahs shoulder as we all walked towards the bowling lane that liam had just brought.

"so, we going in teams again or not?" i asked, everyone just nodded and mumbled.

we found our lane and randomly chucked our bags, i sat down and pulled hannah on my lap whilst liam went to the machine where you put in your names

"so, teams yeah?" he looked around at all of us and we all nodded again

he began typing in different things, a few minutes later the score screen appeared, we all looked up to see who liam had put together.

1st - Franniall
2nd - Louhan
3rd - Hazaylia

we laughed at the way he had mixed the names, niall went up to liam and they began whispering but stopped when frankie walked over, hannah leant back so she could whisper too

"he did that on purpose"

i turned to face her "i know, its too cute"

she smiled and kissed me. oh shes so perfect, we stopped kissing to see harry's face right next to ours, everyone just burst out laughing and even we did. niall went over to frankie, who was trying to pick up a ball that was the right weight for her, he picked up a blue one and handed it to her

"try this"

she smiled and took it, perfect weight, she walked up to the line and bowled. we all watched anxiously to see how good she was, only to see her knock 9 pins down. we all stared in shock as she walked back to niall

"your turn"

he was shocked as he picked up a ball and went to bowl. We were all constantly changing places in the scoreboard, one minute, me and hannah were first then the next liam, zayn and harry were winning but niall and frankie always managed to push everyone away. They are getting so close now i think they should just kiss and get together, we carried on playing for a while until we were on the last shot. it was zayns turn to bowl and if he knocked down 5 then he would beat niall and frankie and come first. he walked up slowly and began swinging his arm, liam and harry were praying for it, there were 7 skittles left standing as zayn let go of the ball and watched it roll down the lane. everyone stood up except niall and frankie, who had disappeared somewhere but i just ignored it to watch as..... 4 skittles fell down! zayn, liam and harry all looked disappointed and began to fake cry and comfort each other whilst me and hannah just laughed.


Niall's P.O.V

me and frankie had gone to get some chips for us all to share, we walked back up to the lane to see hannah and louis just laughing at liam, zayn and harry who were looking very upset. frankie just stared confused until i nudged her and gestured to the screen where it was saying that we had won, she smiled and i smiled back, slowly getting lost in her gaze. Louis came and took the chips off us and put them down, frankie went to the machine to input our names again. i looked around at everyone, they were all nodding at frankie, telling me to go to her. my eyes fell on liam. at first he showed no expression but then a small smile appeared on his face and he nodded. i took a deep breath and walked up to frankie, when i was right behind her i looked at hannah again and she gave louis a kiss then raised her eyebrows at me, then louis grabbed her face and gave her a kiss then gestured for me to copy him.

i chuckled as i tapped frankie on the shoulder, she spun around and before she could say anything i cut her off by pulling her face to mine and kissing her, she kissed back and even though i was getting lost in it i heard everyone clapping and saying things like 'finally' , 'at last' , 'bless them' and 'can i have the chips now?' i felt myself smile as i could tell that that was louis, i heard hannah say 'no, theyre kissing, your sucha pig' i couldnt hold it in any longer, i stopped kissing frankie and just burst out laughing. i managed to look up only to see frankie was in hysterics too, everyone just stared at us blankly but we just continued laughing, we finally caught our breath and i went up to her and put my hands on her waist

"were you laughing at what i was laughing at?"

we both looked at louis, who put on an innocent face and made a halo with his hands above his head, then looked back at each other. she was smiling the sweetest smile ive ever seen.

"do you want to go for a walk?"

she nodded slowly and my hands traveled to hers and i slowly pulled her away from the lane, towards the exit.

"guys we're going for a quick walk, play the next one without us."

they all nodded and harry finished typing in our names. Me and frankie had let each other's hands go and we were just walking side by side. when we got to the door she walked out but i turned to look at our bowling alley, liam was standing there watching us, he smiled and i smiled back. god im so happy he said yes. i nodded and him and headed outside to see frankie siiting on a bench, i walked over to her and stood in front of her. she looked up at me and smiled

"he said yes didnt he?"

i couldnt stop a smile forming on my face as i slowly nodded. her smile widdened and she stood up(well jumped up) and leapt into my arms. i wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up and began to spin her around, she was laughing but still clung on tight. i stopped twirling her and gently lowered her, she still had her arms wrapped around my neck and i had my hands at the back of her waist, we stood there smiling for a few minutes until i couldnt stop myself. i leant in and planted a soft kiss on her soft lips. she smiled as i pulled away and i felt myself go all bubbly inside. this time she leant in and gave me one, i needed more so instead of pulling away i kissed her back and a few seconds later we were full-on snogging outside the local bowling alley. i felt myself laugh again so i had to pull away, she looked confused.

"this is the wierdest place ive ever kissed someone before"

she giggled and made her way to the bench and sat down. i went and sat next to her and she rested her head on my shoulder, i was about to say something when she moved her arms and wrapped them around my neck. we sat in silence until she spoke

"talk about a wierd sense of deja-vu"

i thought about that for a moment, having no idea what she was on about, until it clicked.

"well this time i dont have to wake you up"

she laughed, knowing that i understood. we had sat in this position when i first fell for her, except we were admiring our paintwork instead of sitting outside a bowling alley

"do you want to go back inside?"

she didnt say anything just shook her head, she sat up and looked at me

"why? do you?"

"i dont care where i am as long as im with you"

she blushed slightly and i wrapped my arm around her and pulled her closer, i leant back against the bench and she snuggled into me. i felt her shoulders relax as we just sat there watching the world go by.

it was a perfect moment until some people got out of a black car, i wasnt scared by their black sharp suits, i wasnt scared by their dark glasses and perfectly jelled hair. i was scared by their big cameras, special passes around their neck and notebooks in their hands. i quickly shook frankie and pulled her up, she was completely confused but i had to get her out of their view, i made her come back into the bowling alley and i quickly looked for a place to hide. i spotted the food place and ran over, pulling frankie along(although she got the drift that something was wrong and ran alonhg with me) 

i reached the counter out of breath but managed to say a few words

"niall... one... direction... press... help"

the man behind the counter looked confused until it clicked, he looked at the girl and i nodded, he quickly opened up the side door and me and frankie ran in, we slid down with our backs against the counter. this week me and the boys had agreed to stay out of the press as much as we could, especially if we were with frankie. i thought for a second.. the boys.. hannah... they were still playing. i began clicking my fingers really quickly trying to think of something. i slowly turned around and looked over the counter, the press were looking around for us, i saw one of the men getting close to our lane. i quickly slid back down and pulled out my phone, frankie looked confused but i just put my finger on her lips, pressed number 5(i have the boys on speed dial)

a few rings later and harry answered(bearing in mind that i rang liam)

harry - "sex god hazza here, liams playing with balls-"

i interupted him

niall - "haz, bud its me you idiot"

harry - "NIALL!! buddy, hows it going? you doing good-"

yet again i interupted him

niall - "its the press harry"

silence. i heard a few noises then liams deep voice blared through the phone

liam - "NIALL!!!"

crap. im in trouble, frankie looked at me sympathetically, she had heard him shout. before i could do anything else i felt the phone being snatched from my grasp and the next thing i knew she was having a go at her own brother, protecting me.

frankie - "LIAM!! firstly its not niall's fault so dont take it out on him because he was the one that pulled me to safety and is keeping me well hidden now ok?"

i was shocked at how she argued with her brother like that, definately unexpected. i looked up at the man who just shrugged. i nodded and turned back to frankie, who was still talking to liam.

frankie - "behind the food bar, now hurry"

she hung up and handed me the phone, i just sat there still shocked whilst she explained everything

"ive calmed him down, they were close to getting seen and they should be here any minute no-"

she was interupted by a few voices behind the counter, the man quickly opened the door and hannah, louis, liam, harry and zayn came in and sat down next to us so we couldnt be seen. liam didnt look too happy but frankie grabbed my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. i tryed to put on a smile and was about to explain when liam spoke

"look niall, im sorry i lashed out at you, i guess i was just angry that the press had done that and thanks for pulling her out of their view"

everyone looked slightly shocked but i just nodded

"thats ok"

he smiled and i smiled before he continued

"did they get any pictures?"

silence. me and frankie looked at each other then back at liam blankly. he sighed but ended up laughing

"well, thats going to fun to try and explain"

we all ended up laughing but stopped when the man(we really needed a name for him, besides counter guy) turned to us

"theyre gone but just to make sure you can go out the back way if you want"

we nodded and he pointed towards the shelves behind him, there was a small gap leading out back, we all stood up and thanked him and walked through, one by one. we pushed open the door and came out in the open air. we were partly laughing, partly sighing as we all walked around the front to where the car was. We tryed not to draw attention to ourselves but ran along the car park and got in as quickly as possible, Harry quickly drove off and pretty soon we arrived back at liams, we all flopped on the sofa, exaughsted after everything when nicola and ruth walked in

"you look a bit tired, whats up?" ruth asked,

liam only had to say one word that made the girls sigh and understand


they plonked themselves down on the sofa next to zayn and began flicking through the channels, liam sat up

"wanna go to my room?"

we all nodded and slowl made our way up to his room. Harry and louis fought over his beanbag but it ended up with harry sitting down with louis on his lap, we just laughed. frankie and hannah both yawned and flopped on liams bed, zayn took to the floor so i joined him and liam sat on the end of the bed, he looked at the two girls

"you can sleep if you want?"

they both looked at everyone then just flopped back but moved so they could get more comfortable. Me, liam, harry, louis(who was now on the floor because harry complained his legs hurt) and zayn were all sitting down, just reminsicing about the day and past week so far. i couldnt help myself but look at frankie, wondering if the press did get any pictures. i yawned, we will definately see tomorrow....

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