I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


3. A loving family

Frankie's P.O.V

Elena helped me carry my bag downstairs and into the lounge(when i say helped, i mean she carried it fully, mainly because "my arm hurts" it always works) Everyone was in there and they all turned to face me, Elena dropped my bag and sat down on a spare chair. I walked over to the sofa opposite my mum and dad where one direction(i might as well call them that, i mean they are) They all moved around a bit to make room for me so i sat in between niall and louis. i looked at my parents, they were holding hands and had pleading faces which made me feel slightly guilty about thinking about saying no, maybe they really did want things to change.

"i will stay for a week"

my parents faces lifted and they stood up and opened their arms for me. Unlike last time i stood up and hugged them like ive never hugged anyone before.  I could feel myself smiling as i leant closer into them feeling their warm embrace around me. When we finally pulled apart i turned and faced liam

"you know you love me?"

i turned on my sweet and innocent charm and began swaying left and right so he stood up

"of course i do, i am so glad your my sister, i will try and do anything to make you happ-"

"carry my bag out to the car?"

silence. everyone laughed as he sighed but smiled as he walked over to my bag, slung it over his shoulder and walked outside. My mum, dad and 2 sisters walked out too along with the boys(ive now decided to call them that, i mean i cant exactly the girls now can i?) they all smiled as they walked out leaving me, elena and sarah.

"what happens if i want to come home?"

sarah came over and gave me a quick hug

"your going home but i will come and pick you up if you need it, but if not i'll see you next sunday"

i nodded and went over to elena and gave her a quick hug

"see you in a week then?"

i nodded "then we'll watch pirates of the caribbean"

she laughed and nodded. I turned and walked outside and over to the car that my parents were. Nicola and Ruth were already in the back and my mum was in the front and my dad was standing there with my door open. i looked over to the other car where the boys had got in with louis and harry in the front and liam, niall and zayn in the back. They all waved at me as they drove off so i waved back and climbed in the car next to nicola. My dad closed my door and got in the drivers seat in front of me. I waved at elena and sarah, who were standing on the doorstep waving me off. When they were out of site i turned to nicola

"how long is the journey?"

"about an hour"

she reached into her hoodie pocket and pulled out an ipod touch and a set of earphones. She plugged them in then handed me a bud. i smiled back at her as i put it in my ear and leant against the glass. a few seconds later the sound of Example - changed the way you kiss me began playing. i smiled at her before turning back to look outside the window as we zoomed past all the surrounding cars.

Their house was much bigger than i expected, probably due to liam's sudden pay rise above the average paper boy. It had two big doors which opened up to reveal a big corridor. Ruth and Nicola walked in and went into one of the rooms. My mum came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"come on love, your fathers bringing your stuff in"

i nodded and slowly walked in, she walked past me and into the room the girls had gone in. i was about to go inside when i heard a thud. i turned to see my dad trying to carry my stuff along the corridor to go upstairs.

"do you need a hand?"

he shook his head but carried on

"no, no you just go into the lounge and relax, i'll be there in a minute"

i nodded, turned and walked in. It was a fairly big roo, it had a big corner sofa, an armchair(im guessing was my dads), a plasma screen attached to the wall, a computer desk with a laptop and a few other decorations. There were canvas pictures everywhere and they all had pictures of either liam, ruth or nicola although there was one with all 5 of them. I sighed as the thought that i should be there came into my head. They all looked so happy it actually hurt.

"oi frankie, get your skinny bum on this sofa, we're going to watch a film"

i turned to see nicola poking her tongue out at me, she was curled up on the sofa and my mum was sitting on the other end. I smiled as i poked my tongue out back at her then we both laughed. i slipped my shoes off and ran around and plopped myself next to her. Ruth was on the laptop with her headphones onso i thought it would be best not to disturb her.

"dont worry, shes not being anti-social shes just completely ignoring us with her headphones on probably talking to her boyfriend"

she paused, thinking

"on second thoughts she is being anti-social"

we laughed but mum stood up and walked to the tv

"oh its fine nicki, i'll put the film on while you relax its fine"

we just carried on laughing and nicola blew her a kiss. my mum put a dvd in the tele and came and sat back down. A few minutes later my dad came in and sat down on the armchair(i knew it was his)

"your stuff is upstairs frankie, so its ready for you to unpack whenever you want"

i smiled "thank you"

i was halfway standing up when nicola pulled me back down

"she can do it later, we're watching a film"

i laughed as my dad nodded and looked at the tv, that was now showing some trailer that looked like quite a good film. Nicola looked from my dad to my mum

"mum, what are we watching?"

"im not sure its one of liams dvds"

Nicola nodded and leant back, trying to get comfortable. I leant back too and allowed myself to relax as my mum selected play on the menu. The film was called 'the proposal' and was actually quite good although halfway through i felt my eyelids slowly begin to close. before they did i managed to look around at the people next to me. my mum. my dad. my real parents. ruth. nicola. my real sisters. thats when i shot up. liam.

"wheres liam?"

nicola had fallen asleep along with my dad and ruth still had her headphones on so it was my mum who answered.

"hes probably gone to the studio with the rest of theboys"

i sighed but leant back, a bit more relaxed

"is he always out this late?"

"no, but hes probably trying to get the week off"


"so he can spend it with you obviously"

i laughed and my mum reached her hand out for me

"come and cuddle up love"

i smiled, nodded and moved slightly so i was up against my mum. She wrapped her arms around me and i leant closer in a hug. This was what i'd always dreamed of. A loving family.

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