Baby Direction:)

me pregnant? Harry Styles, the father? This has to be a dream. This can't be happening...
first fanfic, hope you like it!:)


6. The Morning After

Harrys POV:)
I woke up to a naked Gabbie and me naked too, my room was a mess and clothes were everywhere broken vodka bottles were everywhere. Before Gabbie woke up I got up and put on some sweats anda jumper laying the sweats and a jumper out for her and on the wall stuck was a condom, so we did get busy in the sheets last night.Well I hope she doesn't kill me. Gabbie jumped out of bed and straight into the bathroom, she started to throw up, was it acholol posioning or was it the morning after? I didnt know what to do so I brought her her bra and thong and the sweats and jumper. She thanked me got dressed and sat on my bed. She looked at me with worried eyes and said "What did we do last night?" I looked at her and sat down and just pointed to the wall. Her green eyes stared to tear up and her hands caught her head, I looked at her and grabbed her into my chest and I said "hey at least I think i was wearing it and didn't take it off until after.
Gabbie's POV:)
Can it only take one time to get knocked up? I hope not, I can't be a mother. Not at 16 almost 17. Harry and I walked into the kitchen to find Niall,Kali, Zayn and Liam. I told Kali I needed to talk to her and so we went out onto the balcone and I told her what might be happening and she ran into the house saying " I am going to kil that curly haired guy!" I ran after her saying " I dont know for sure! lets go find out before you do becuase the kid will need a father!"
Kali POV:)
I dragged Harry and Gabbie out of the house and into the car, Harry looked confused and Gabbie looked scared. On the way to the drug store i tried to explain to Harry why I took him with us "As you know you might be a father and so I am taking you with us so we can talk." HArry and I were in the ront seat and GAbbie was in the back with tears comingdown her face. Harry tried calming her down and saying no matter what he will always be here for her, she just smiled and nodded but I knew her to well, she didnt know of she could trust him, he is Harry Styles from One Direction he proabably said that to a lot of girls and he left them there to fend for themselves and his kid. We finally arrived at the drug store and bought pregnancy test and I made Gabbie take one there and it came out negitive so we drove home in relieve but as soon as we got home Gabbie went and through up and me and Harry wanted her to take another one. She did and it felt like we waited for ever to see what the result was, Gabbie walked out shocked and she turned to Harry and said " We are parents, looks like your the new daddy direction." Harry stood there for a while and then ran and hugged Gabbie, he took her into the kitchen bridal style and announced to the rest of the boys saying theres a new dday direction in town. It took everyone a while to catch on to what he was saying but they finally relized and congrated Harry and Gabbie with hugs.
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