Baby Direction:)

me pregnant? Harry Styles, the father? This has to be a dream. This can't be happening...
first fanfic, hope you like it!:)


2. The Concert

Kalis POV:)
It was finally time to go to the concert. Gabbie and I just got home from dropping her brother off at the airport. Gabbie was crying the whole way home and she wouldnt talk, was this a good idea or not? So I decided to tell her "Gabbie, I feel really bad that you only got to see your brother for a couple minutes, I am so sorry, I wouldn't have done this if I knew you would end up like this." She just smiled while washing her face and said " Kal, its okay I am actually really happy i got to see him, even though it wasn' for that long." She was British and she had a little bit of her accent, it was really adorable, NO HOMO!
I was in a black pencil skirt with my red converse and a blazer with my blonde hair in a curly ponytail and Gabbie was in white skinny jeans with a pink tank top and a white and black varsity jacket like Zayns, with her brown hair naturally curly. We had on the same make-up look the no foundation, only mascara and eyeliner, my eyes were a baby blue and Gabbie's were a green. She told me I remind her of Niall (my fav) becuase i like to eat a lot, I always said she reminded me of Harry(her fav) cause her eyes and hair and she was the one who flirted with the guys out of us.
We got to the concert and GAbbie was walking and she ran into someone and all I heard was a strong british accent saying " Oh shit! Are you okay love?" When i turned to look Gabbie was being squished up next to a guy with dark brown hair and the same varsisty jacket on as she did, did Zayn Malik, of One Direction, run into my best friend? Is this really happening?
Gabbies POV:)
Zayn Malik ran into me and it hurt a bit but I didnt care, I mean who can say they got ran into by Zayn Malik? All i said was " Well theres a bit of pain but its all good." Zayn was touching my head and said "Follow me love and your friend can follow.(winking)" I just elbowed him and said " this isnt a time to flirt." He shook his head and pulled us into a dressing room and when we walked in and all the other boys were in there and Louis looked at us and said " Zayn, why is it every concert you always have to bring back blow up dolls? Are you that lonley?" Kali let out a small giggle and Niall said " LOUIS! This time they are actual girls." Zayn cheecks turned red and he introduced us to the boys.
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