Baby Direction:)

me pregnant? Harry Styles, the father? This has to be a dream. This can't be happening...
first fanfic, hope you like it!:)


3. The Concert Part 2

Harry's POV:)
The girls Zayn ran into are actually really stunning. I can't take my eyes off Gabbie, its like love at first site, i get weird butterflies when she talks to me or looks at me, she probably doesnt think the same, she just thinks I want to get in her pants. I could tell Liam liked Kali, him and Danielle just broke up, so he was looking for a new girl to call his. Dont get me wrong Kali was reallly really pretty but Gabbie, there was something about her. She had that One Thing. I laughed at myself and Gabbie gave me a puzzled look; I just laughed and shooked my head.
*Walking on stage*
Niall: Hello were One Direction
Liam: And your watching Disney Channel:)
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