Baby Direction:)

me pregnant? Harry Styles, the father? This has to be a dream. This can't be happening...
first fanfic, hope you like it!:)


11. Telling the parents.

*One Month Later*
Kali's POV:)
Gabbie told her parents about the baby and well, they didn't take that to well and kicked her out and their last words where "Hope that guy of yours loves you more than us and takes care of your ugly ass" and with that we ran upstairs and packed all her stuff up and packed it in the rental van Harry got us and we only had one trip, I could tell Gabbie's feelings were hurt but she was strong. When we got back to the boys house they all asked how it went and Gabbie said " all they said was hope that guy of yours loves you more than us and takes care of your ugly ass" and walked to her and Harrys room with her clothes and Liam looked at me and said "are you serious? That's what they said to there kid?" "yeah they never liked her. They always compared her to her brother and blamed her for her sisters death." Harry looked like he was about to cryvand like he was pissed. He walked off and all I could hear was Harry yelling and Gabbie sounded like she was crying. But thatwas all we could hear.
Harry's POV:)
When Gabbie told me what parents said and then Kali told me what Gabbie's parents think about her. I was livid! Who would think like that, I mean it's your own kid! I walked up to our room and closed the door and Gabbie was in tears. "I can't believe your parents are so rude! I think your beautiful and no one will love you as much as me and I will take care of you all day every day!" "Harry look at me! I am so ugly and fat! Why would you want me? There are so many other girls out there" "Gabbie! Listen to me! I will kill anyone who tells you, you aren't beautiful. Cause gunny, you are the most beautiful person in this world!" she started crying even more and left the room and then the house and took the van some where and I followed her and we ended up at her parents house she saw me pull up and she walked up to the car and said she needed me to come with her. We walked hand in hand into her parents house and they saw us and her dad said " so you the fucking asshole who got our baby girl pregnant?" Gabbie looked at her dad and said " if he's a 'fucking asshole' then what are you?" her dad slapped her and that when I heard another male voice " DAD! What the fuck as gotten into you?" ad I turned around I saw a guy who looked like Gabbie and had his girlfriend with him, and she had to be 6 months pregnant. Gabbie's mom walked in and said "what the fuck is happening here? I heard screaming and then a slap and then I heard Andrews voice- and I see Andrews girlfriend pregnant and Gabbie's pregnant. What the fuck!!" I didn't know what to do, so I asked Gabbie "is there a reason why we had to come back to this place?" she looked at me and said "yeah" she turned to her dad and said " here's payback asshole" she punched him in the face and then in th pe groan. She looked at her mom and said "your a bitch. Goodbye" her mom started to cry and she walked up to Andrew and said "good luck with these people. I love you and congrats! Call me sometime so I can see my niece or nephew:)" she hugged hus girlfriend and said "nice seeing you. Sorry it had to be like this thoug" she grabbed my hand and we walked out. She turned to me and said"should we tell your family?" I nodded my head and we took off to my mums house.
When we walked in to the house my mom saw ,e a d said "Harry! What are you doing here? Who is this?" "mum, this is Gabbie, she is the mother of my baby." my mom looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "congrats hun!" she hugged me and then Gabbie and said z"Nice to meet you, I'm Anneand this is Gemma!" she said as my sister walked down stairs and she saw me and runner and screamed. She introduced her self and started talking and they seemed to enjoy themselfs so I got my self some tea and started to talk with my mum. An hour passed and Gabbie was looking a bit tired so we went home. And on our way she was saying how we wished her family was more like mine. But before she finished her story about why we got backvto the house and everyone was waiting for us to see where we went and we explained she got high Ives from all the boys except Liam, of course, and she went to bed. I followed her and she kissed me and said " I think I'm ready to go on tour with y'all!" and I laughed and smiled " you said y'all! How cute! Yay!!! Well we have 2 weeks before tour. So be prepared!" and with that we went to bed
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