Baby Direction:)

me pregnant? Harry Styles, the father? This has to be a dream. This can't be happening...
first fanfic, hope you like it!:)


10. Rushing things?

Harris POV:)
The day after our date, Gabbie walked in and told me we needed to talk. Should I be worried. Did she have a miscarriage, is she leaving me, did she have a boyfriend? I hope it's nothing bad.She sat her self down and put her hands in her lap, that's never a good thing. "you're leaving me, raising the kid on your own, aren't you? Just get it over with." I blurted out she gave me a questioned look and said "Harry I would never leave you. You are the father of my baby, but I think we are rushing things, I think we should get to know each other before I go on tour with you guys, I mean yes I want you to be with me for the pregnancy and I don't want to get in your guys way." I looked into her dark green eyes and said "Love. I want to help you raise our kid. Yeah we rushed things but we were drunk and made the baby, we didn't know what we did, I want you to come so we have an opening act cause your voice is so amazing and so I can help you with the pregnancy. I love you. I know what your thinking 'he said he loves me and doesn't know who I am. I could be a crazy person' but I don't care I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our baby."
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