Baby Direction:)

me pregnant? Harry Styles, the father? This has to be a dream. This can't be happening...
first fanfic, hope you like it!:)


8. Getting Ready

Gabbie's POV:)
"Kali, I don't know what to do, I just meet Harry and I am already having his kid, what does that say about me?" Kali looked at me and pondered for a minute and then reponded with " Well get to know him, he seems sweet, did you see they was he looked at you when he was holding you from behind? Being Harrys babay mama!? ahaha some girl would die to be you right now, well when they find out." I couldn't help but laugh at the was she said baby momma. We walked in 'Forever 21' and went straight to the dresses and when I saw this one dress I couldn't take my eyes off of it, it was so beautiful. It was short and flowy, is that a word? Off track! Anywho, it was light teal on the bottom and a creamy brown and it was strapless, I was thinking if i had any shoes to go with it and i did, they were 4 inch stilettos and creamy brown and mathced perfectly. I showed Kali the dress and she started jumping up and down screaming " Yes, yes, it's perfect!" i started giggling and said " Let's go and get ready before we have barely any time to get ready."
Harry's POV:)
The girls were gone for an hour and 30 mins. When they walked in Kali screamed " What ever you do Curly, dont come up to the guess room!" I heard Gabbie giggle at my new name. " See ya soon Curly!" Gabbie giggled. I ran into my room and put on my skinny jeans a white shirt and my dark blue blazer and my dress shoes. We had an hour left until our date and I was waiting on Gabbe and while I was waiting I went on twitter, I found Gabbie's twitter and followed her. When I did that i heard fake screams "OMG OMG! HARRY FUCKING STYLES FOLLOWED ME!" I coudln't help but laugh.
Kali's POV:)
I was helping Gabbie get ready for her date with Harry, she had natural curly hair so i left it curly and pinned it to the side and added a fake white rose in her hair and did a light smokey eye, with eyeliner and mascara, he dress was perfect and (no homo) pushed her boob up, he heels made her 4 inches taller than her usual height me and her were both 5'2 so it made her 5'6, still not taller than Harry. She looked beautiful and i took a pic of her putting on lip gloss and captioned it " Dinner night with the boy:)!" and posted it on Instagram, when I did that i got a new follower and 10 likes the follower was Harry and 4 likes were harry and 2 were guys liking Gabbie's pic and and 4 were guys liking my summer outfit. Gabbie looked at me and said "lets do this poo!" With that I walked down the stairs and the boys were waiting and I said " Well, shes ready to do this poo." They all started laughing but stopped when they saw her, Harry's face was priceless, he couldn't close his mouth. He walked up to he and said "Shall we go then?" Gabbie blushed and nodded her head, they are going to be cute. "NO MORE BABIES!" Louis screamed as they walked out , I could hear them laugh and then closed the door and left.
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