Baby Direction:)

me pregnant? Harry Styles, the father? This has to be a dream. This can't be happening...
first fanfic, hope you like it!:)


4. After Party

Kali's POV:)
The rest of the concert went by fast. I couldn't help but notice Liam and Niall couldn't keep their eyes off of me. Harry and Zayn couldn't keep their eyes off of Gabbie.
We left the concert with the boys and they invited us to their after party, EPP! fangirling! GAbbie was they one who answered and she just nodded her head while smiling. All the boys looked at us and Louis said " your not going like that are you?" Niall snapped back at Louis and said "Louis! You don't say that, they look gorgeous!" Gabbie and I just blushed.
K: "Of course we aren't, we have our clothes in Gabbie's car."
G: "Yeah, so umm, were can we change?"
H: "Right here if you want to?;) Just kidding in the bathroom."
G:" haha okay:)"
Gabbie came back in with our clothes and make-up. We ran into the bathroom and we didn't really talk we just got ready. Gabbie had a tight short cotton candy pink dress with black heels and she left her hair down and added a bit of foundation and rubbed off the smeared eyeliner and mascara, me on the other hand, had a short tight blue dress with matching blue heels and i left my hair but fixed it and took off my make-up and added more on. We walked out of the bathroom and the boys were ready and they were on their phones so they didnt see us and that when Louis whistled and Gabbie shoot him a glare and said " im a lady not a dog" and Liam looked up while laughing and he stopped when he noticed us and he just stared, I starrted to blush and he stopped and said "Sorry, I bet you felt uncomfortable didn't you?" "I um didn"t umm" I couldnt finish my sentence, good going Kali! you looked like a retard!
We finally left and arrived at the after party and there was a lot of people there, including the pops(not a big suprise) so we snuck in through the back, hoping the pops didn't see us. When the boys saw the club owner they walked up to him and introduced us. "hey Mikey this is Gabie and Kali." Mikey lookedat us and said " Hello and welcome to my club, first time?" "It's Kali's first time but not mine." Gabbie answered.
Liams POV:)
We were at the club and everyone was taking shots and getting drunk, me and Kali werent though, we aren't the drinking type. Gabbie walked up to us and pinted at Kali and said "Geettss your arsee up and come dancee woth me." Kali giggled at her friend and dragged her on the dance floor and i could see them from a distance and Kali looked like she was having fun, so i went to join them but before i did these guys walked up to them and i could kinda hear what they were saying.
Guy 1: "you ladys finally left the pretty boys, huh"
Guy 2 " and relized you needed men who knows how to treat you right." holding on Gabbies waist
Guy 3" " wanna come back to our place and you know, have fun?" grabbing Kali.
Gabbie: " Let go of us! We dont want to go anywhere with you guys, your all rude as fuck!"
Kali: GAbbie stop! please let go of us we just want to have fun, just me and our FRIENDS!" she screamed the last part because one of the guys pulled her dress down. Harry ran up to the guys and i knew he couldnt take all of them so I ran to them and so did Zayn. We started to get in afight and I knew they were drunk cause thye tripped on theire feet. Zayn and Harry started cheering, great they were drunk too. I ran to the girls and asked of they were okay and they nodded their heads. You could tell Gabbie wanted to drink more and so did Harry and Niall, so the rest of us went home.
Zayn POV:)
It was around 2:30 when they walked in and you could tell they were shitfaced. Gabbie was between them and they were all laughing Gabbie was missing her shoes. Harry's hair was crazier and Niall wasn't worried about food. They all fell over and started laughing agian and Liam being "Daddy Direction" helped them up and gave them glasses of water. Harry and Gabbie went off to Harrys room saying they were going to sleep. Niall went to the kitchen and he didn't eat he slept.

Gabbies POV:) Me and Harry went to his room, and he brought us vodka and we took a lot of shorts and the rest was a blur. The last thing I remeber is Harry saying "Your beautiful when your drunk."
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