The False Awakening

A girl who goes to sleep and can't wake up in the real world.


1. Followed

Chapter 1 False awakening


I was alone in a cold dark place I didn't know. I was running not knowing when I could stop. All I knew was that I was being followed by someone who wanted to harm me. I was scared and very cold. My long dark hair was loose and I had long dark jeans with a dark blue strapless blouse, but still with my pale skin he can see me from a mile away. I kept running until I got to a gas station, where I asked the man behind the glass counter if he could help me. I told him that I was being followed and needed a place to stay, but he told me that the store was going to close at 10:00pm. I got mad and yelled at him to please consider. I was desperate, "why don’t you understand?” I said hopelessly. He sighed and walked away. I was so mad I yelled at him “Someone is following me!"  as I slammed my hands on the counter. Maybe that way he would help me. I didn’t know what to do, but if he wasn’t going to help me I needed to call someone who would, someone who cared so I asked him to let me use the phone, but he told me that it was for employees only, so I asked him if he could let me use his cell phone. He looked at me and told me he was busy and I needed to stop bothering him. Seriously who in their right mind doesn’t want to help someone who is in danger? I asked myself. The gas station guy began counting money behind the counter. It was almost time to close the station, I assumed.  I started to look around and my head was spinning, I felt like I was about to faint. I have never fainted in my life and was not about to faint just when my life depended on me running away. I was too scared to go out the door. What if he was waiting for me outside? There were two doors. It also had large glass windows, if he was out there somewhere he would be able to see me perfectly. I could not stay still, not even for a moment. I was shaking to the point my teeth were chattering and could not stop. I was about to cry. "This feels like a nightmare; someone please wake me up? Please, I'm begging you, PLEASE!" I thought to myself about to fall in tears. Suddenly, I heard the phone ring and the guy behind the counter took a hold of the phone and glanced at me. I wasn't able to make out what they were talking about, but it had to be him, the man that has been following me all this time. 

A few second later, I hear the bell on top of the entrance door, make a sudden sound. I see the silhouette of this tall man, with a scary look in his eyes. It felt as if death was staring right at me. I ran out the side door as fast as I could. I couldn't help but look back to see if he entered the station, hoping to see who he was, but as he entered the lights went off and soon after I heard the man from the counter scream in pain, "No, stop!". The crying, abruptly stopped. Then I realized I had been standing there this whole time when I could of have been running away. Part of me wanted to run back to help the man but I was too scared. "I'm sorry", I cried as I ran away as fast as I could, I started to breath heavily until I had to stop. I found myself standing under a street light. I looked behind me and no one was following me. Then the street light I was under began to flicker and turned off. The light went off and I closed my eyes hoping it would transport me to safety. I tried opening my eyes, but something was off. I couldn’t open my eyes and I couldn’t move my body. I kept struggling with my body until I was able to open one of my eyes, I see that I’m laying down on a sofa at my house. My brother was sitting in front of me playing video games and I could hear my mom and dad argue with my little sister. I tried calling out for help, but my lips wouldn’t move. I was so scared I could feel my body heating up and beginning to sweat. I realized that I was just dreaming, but I was so scared I was not going to be able to wake up from the nightmare. I was finally able to let out a breath and my fingers began to move when I felt that I was being sucked back into the dream.

That’s when I saw a shadow approach me. Scared I ran away through the middle of the street so that he wouldn't be able to see me, but not too far away from the street lights so that they could show me the way, but every light I passed began to flicker and go off. I kept on running until everything around me began to disappear as if I was running towards darkness. I was sure that I was in a dream, but I keep running with no end in sight. I kept on telling myself "this is just a nightmare, just... a nightmare!". I wondered why if this was my dream was everything that was happening in his favor. I needed to take control. So I began to think about things that could only happen in dreams. Maybe I could do magic, just the thought of it was changing my nightmare into an adventurous dream. I had studied Latin in the past, because I thought it to be the language of magic. So I began to do a fire spell as I extended my hand “Sanctus incendia”, but to no avail. I wanted to give up, but this was MY dream, so I continued, but to no avail. I was so mad I wanted to stop and face the man that had been chasing me all this time. I was so scared, I could not face him, "what if I got to see his real face and could not take that image away from my head?" "What if it were real and I was really being chased, what would I do? How would I defend myself?

The sun was coming out and I felt relieved, “I think I lost him!" I thought tired of running, “I guess I can rest for a while”. I walked up towards a glass tall wall and remembered" ... If I can't see the time... it means I'm in a dream, but still ... it does not explain why I can't get out". I needed a little reassurance.

There are three specific things that when you are in a dream you are unable to happen, my boyfriend once told me. He once told me that If I was unable to make out the time from a clock or a newspaper that was a good way of distinguishing reality from a dream.

I looked for the time in the glass wall, it was 9:02am! I could see it perfectly. There was no mistake, I can see the time and cannot manipulate my dream. Does this mean it is real? 

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