Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


17. What To Do?

Aly and I looked at eachother. I knew that this is not going to go to well, and I think she was thinking the same thing. She hard tears rolling down her cheek. "Aly don't worry everything will be fine!" I told her.

"No everything is just going to get worse and worse!" Aly really loved Harry. I couldn't believe something as sudden as this could happen so fast.

We sat their in silence. I did not know what to do. Take Aly's side or just not even worry about the whole thing! After about 5 mins, Aly had told me everything that happened. I then knew that it was not Aly's fault. So I took her side. 3 minutes later somebody came up to the room and I thought it was Harry but when they came in it was just Louis. I thought he would ask Aly what was wrong, but it wasen't even close

"Are you serious?!" Louis yelled.

"What's with you Louis?" I asked.

"Your going to listen to her over Harry and I aren't you?" He said, I had never heard his bad side before.

"It was Harrys fault! He was the one taking their relationship to fast!" Which was true

"NO!!!!!!!! What is wrong with you!" Louis yelled again.

"Your taking Harry over Aly and I. So you shouldn't be mad at me for taking Aly's side!" I yelled back. Aly had her face covered.

"STOP ARGUING THIS IS BETWEEN HARRY AND I NOT YOU GUYS!" She yelled before walking out side and slamming the door closed.

"Great she has you under her spell too." Said Louis, him still angry.

"I can't believe you, your being a jerk!" I screamed before following Aly outside.

"Just ignore Harry, and get back with Louis. And stay out of this, I don't want something Harry and I are fighting about to affect you." She said before walking to her car and pulled away out of the driveway.

I walked back inside and found Louis sitting on the couch watching TV. "The only reason why I took Aly side is because I Love You Louis but friends come first! Aly and I are close we are like "Sisters" I am sorry! If you hate me I dont really understand but I just wanted to tell you that I still Love You!" I told him.

"What ever Nicole just leave! I dont want to see you any more!" He said to me alittle bit mad! I looked at Harry who looked at me and then I just ran up to were Louis and I were staying together! I had no where to go! I packed my bags and Harry came up and asked if I was hungry and I told him no thanks! "

I miss Aly ALOT!!!!! I can't believe this is all my fault!!! I dont know what I was thinking!!!! I am SO Sorry Nicole!!!! Sorry!" Harry said while crying a bit.

"Harry everything is going to be fine! Don't worry something will work out!" I said while giving him a hug! He hugged me back tightly!

"Everything will be fine! Don't worry!" I whispered to him! He shook his head and asked me.

"Do you have some where to stay?"

"Yah!" I told him.

"Be careful! If you can can you tell Aly I am Really Sorry! I dont care if she doesent approve my appolige I just want her to know that I am really sorry for what I did!"

"Okay Harry I will!" I said to him. Right before I left Harry gave me a Big Hug and then I went over to Louis,

"Oh so your finally leaving." Louis said.

"Yeah, and piss of Harry it wasen't either one of their fault and you need to stay the hell out of their conversation just like Aly said." And with that I left the house.


Authors Note: Okay yay my itnernets back up!

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