Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


35. Truth or Dare

Echo's POV

We all were sitting in the living room talking. I had sit by Nicole who was sitting by Louis. We all were having a nice comversation.

"Hey Liam, How are things going with Cali?" everyone had forgot to tell her about what had happen to Liam and Cali. Liam's face went from a happy face to a sad face. He sat their with his head in his hands then eh had got up and went to the kitchen crying.

"Nicole, I am going to go and cheer up Liam."

"Okay." She said smiling but I ignored her.

Liam's POV

"Hey Liam, How are things going with Cali?" Right as Hayley said that I went from a Happy face to a sad face. I forgot tell her this is not her fault. If I would have told her none of this would of happened.

I got up and went into the kitchen. I stood by the counter crying and trying to calm down when Echo comes in.

"Hey are you okay?" She ask all sad.

"Yah, I just need to forget her and look at the past. It is really hard to though."

"Yah, same here. My boyfriend did the same thing to he cheated on me too. But that was 2 months ago and I have to move on." She said sitting down on the counter. After what she had said I calm down alot. I felt better.

"Sorry about what had happened."

"Yah. Thanks and same with you." She had said all happy now and me too.

"We should head back everyone will think something is up."


"Okay" We both smiled at each other and we walked into the living room everyone sall I was calm down and Echo went and sat down by Nicole. Then while everyone was still talking I was stairing at her nostop and she did it alot too. Nicole just randomly started to laugh. she could not stop laughing so she had to leave the room. Hope she is okay.

Nicole's POV

I was talking with Hayley and Aly when I looked over and sall Liam and Echo stairing at each other. Mostly Liam stairing at Echo. I started to laugh. I could not stop laughing. Then I strated to cough and keep laughing. I had to leave and catch my breath I walked out of the room still laughing. after about 2 minutes. I was trrying to be cool but right as I looked at Liam and Echo i started to laugh again. It was so funny. Everyone looked at me funny.

"We got some LOVE BIRDS over here." I say laughing.

"Does she belong in a mental Hospital?" Echo said to Liam and He laughed.



"When seh says what she mean you have 3 seconds to run." Aly and Hayley said.

Echo ran and I ran after her. She keep running into the living room and everytime I did I would trip over somebodys feet and start laughing.

"I WILL GET YOU." I yelled at Echo who was no where to be seen. I walked and walked and then she popped out of a room and I screamed and then she ran and hid on the other side of Liam.

"I GOT YOU." She said.

"I will......."

"Come here Nicole." Louis said.

"Boo Bear?"

"It is okay Nicole." He had dragged me to the other room and I was very hyper and everything and the only way Louis could calm me down was kiss me. Don't no way. But everytime I always forget that calms me down. Louis kissed me and it was so sweet and everything. Then we came back into the living room and everything was okay by then.

It is now 11pm and Catlyn and Eashia come home and see two new people.

"Catlyn, Eashia this is Hayley you remember."

"Yah." they both say.

"And this is my Sister Echo."



"Nice to meet you. They both say shaking her hand.

"What should we do?" Aly asked.

"We shouold play Truth or Dare." I yelled.

"Okay" Hayley said.

"No thanks." Echo said leaving.

"ECHO." I yell.


"If you dont play I will tell Liam and guess what....."

"Okay I will play"


"Okay. Everyone lets spin." I spun first and it landed on Zayn.

"Zayn Truth or Dare?"


"Okay. Undo one of you zippers for the next ten minutes." Zayn did. But has not been ten minutes yet. Zayn spun.

"Nicole Truth or Dare?"


"Kiss everyone of the opposite Sex." Really Zayn. I had to though. I did. I spun again.

"Harry truth or Dare?"


"Have you ever fooled around in water?"

"Yes." Everyone laughed. Harry Spun the bottle.

"Eashia truth or dare?"


"Have you ever done anthing sexually that would be considered weird."

"Yes." Eashia spun.

"Aly truth or Dare?"

"spin the bottle and kiss the person it lands on." She had done that and had to kiss Zayn. Harry was not happy but I bet he knew she had to do that.

"Harry Truth or Dare?"


"You and zayn must eat a banana at the same time. Start at opposite ends." ohh my god. WOW. this is way to funny!

"Louis Truth or Dare?"


"Voice an orgasm."  OMG god Harry Really. Next.

"Niall Truth or Dare?"


"Attempt to unhook a girl's bra with out removing any of her clothing." Niall had done that to Catlyn and she was trying to put it back on. It was way funny.

"Liam truth or dare?"


"Have you ever fooled around in water?"

"Yes." Spin again.

"Echo truth or dare."


"Kiss Liam for 15 seconds." She looked at me and I laughed. She went over and Liam said it is okay. They kissed for more then 15 seconds. It was like 25 seconds. Then Echo came back to my side.

"Hey guys I better go to bed. I have to go to work early in the mornign and it is now 1230am." Eashia says.

"Yah, Lets get to bed." Zayn says. Everyone goes to their room and me and Louis went right to sleep. We both were very tired.

Echo's POV

"See yah guys." I said getting ready to sleep on the couch.

"Hey Echo are you sure you don't want to sleep in my room so it is more comfortable?"

"I am fine Thanks Liam see you in the morning."

"Okay good night Baby."

"Night." Liam called me baby. Wow! I lay down on the couch and think about Liam and then I fall alseep thinking about Liam.

Liam's POV

I understand why she would not sleep with me she doesent know me to well. Next time I hope. I lay down and dream abotu our kiss and dream about how she is the most wonderful girl I have ever meet.


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