Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


2. Terrible Tragic

After Aly and I had got home from Taco Bell, She went straight to the kitchen to make lunch. Even though we had already ate, she eats all the time... and still manages to never gain weight. Catlyn and Lalecia were freaking out, because they thought they were being texted by creepers. But it just turned out to be those boys. They got to all know eachother well, Zayn was texting Lalecia, and Niall was texting Catlyn. How lucky were we to be texted a boy band!? When we got back, I had already felt tired. "Aly wake me up in a couple of hours." Aly gave me a thumbs up and I ran up stairs and fell on the guests room bed that I was claiming to be mine.

It had been 5 hours I was asleep. Aly decided to let me sleep in a little longer than I should have, but I didn't mind. When she wanted to get me up. She came into the room I was in and she shook me and said "Nicole wake up, someone is here to see you!" Then I didn't move at all! " NICOLE WAKE UP!!!!" She yelled but nothing happened. Then she went down stairs and Catlyn and Lalecia asked Aly.

"Where is Nicole?"

Aly said "She wont wake up! But I know what will make her!" She went to the kitchen and filled a glass full of freezing cold water. Then Catlyn looked at her liked dont even! Aly looked at Catlyn and said "What? She will never know who did it!" Then Aly went upstairs. she went right to me and threw the freezing cold water on my face! Then she ran. She ran downstairs and sat on the couch. I ran downstairs and yelled,

"Okay? Who the F........." then I saw who was in the living room, One Direction. I ran up the stairs "Going to take a shower."

Carlyn responded with an "Okay." After my shower I dried my hair and straightened it. I put on blue skinny jeans and a shirt that has a London England flag on it. I always loved London England! Then I went to the living room and the only place left to sit was right next to the boy with red skinny jeans and a white shirt on. So I sat by him and he put his arm around me. I looked at the boy next to Aly with his arm around her waist, whispering into Aly's ear. After 3 hours the boy had to leave so they could get ready for going to their concert that was only a couple miles away. Aly and the boy who was Harry kissed then he left. Before Louis left, he gave me 4 backstage passes for after the concert.. Louis looked at me and I shook my head saying

"Yes!" I ran into the living room and told everyone to get ready and pack, so we could just stay at a hotel that was closer. After about an hour I was sure everything was ready to go for tomorrow.

I went downstairs to the smell of bacon and eggs. I went to the kitchen and saw Catlyn and Lalecia making breakfest. And I saw Aly eatting at the table. Catlyn said, "Well, good morning Sleeping Beauty!" she came and gave me a hug. I was really tired but if I wanted to go to London I had to get up. So I went and sat down by Aly and Lalecia they brought me some bacon and eggs. Catlyn asked "Are you guys ready for a big day today?"

We all anwsered "Yes!" at the same time.

Aly yelled "Jinxs you three owe me a taco." We all laughed. She Loves TacO's <3

It was 4 AM, I know it is really early but the cars leaves at 5 AM. It only takes about an hour to get to the staduim. So I would be only 6. We don't want to be late. After the long drive, we got there and the only person who was there was Zayn, and he didn't look to happy. Lalecia yelled "Zayn!" right as Zayn got up Lalecia was giving him a big hug. When she let go she looked at Zayn's face. Lalecia asked him "What is wrong Zayn?"

Zayn awnsered "Lou and Hazza are in the hospital!" Hazz? who is Hazza? I didn't say anything but I didn't know I was confused. Aly knew who it was, and she broke down in tears in less than a minute.

Zayn drove us to the hospital, I guess the concert was canceled. We saw many polivemen and firetrucks as we past the scene of the accident, Aly wouldn't stop crying. I was in such shock, I didn't cry till we got to the hospital. Catlyn, being the quistion asker, had to ask. "What happened Zayn?"

"Loui, Harry, Niall, and Liam as had to leave ahead of me, because I was a little late. So I drove by myself, but I was a car right behind them. They stopped at a stop sign, and as the traffic light above turned green, they started driving. And two cars came speeding by and came crashing onto the drivers side where Harry was. And also on the back seat where Louis was." He paused as we walked down the hallway of the hospital, "Niall and Liam didn't get hurt to bad, but Harry and Loui didn't look good when they were pulled out of the car." I could see the sadness in Aly's eyes, and I knew I had it coming back too.

This wasn't going to be good at all.....

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