Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


36. Scary Movie Night

Nicole's POV

I woke up to Louis looking at me.

"You know if you take a picture it will last longer."

"I know but I rather be looking at you for real then at a picture that somebody could have made up or somsething."

"Aww Loui." I said smiling. I peck his lips and then I had whispered something to him that I had got up and ran out the door. He ran after me and down the stairs and to the kitchen. I went to go and hide and I could not fined him. Then somebody wrapped their arms aorund my waist and lifted me off the ground.

"Got you." Louis said.

"Yes you did." we both walked in to the living room. Everyone was up and was trying to wake up Echo. I guess Echo is just like Zayn and I, a Heavey Sleeper. We walked in and everyone looked at us.

"What is going on in here?" I asked.

"We are trying to wake up Echo but she won't budge." Harry said.

"I don't know how you do it Nicole. I don't know how you get Zayn up and I don't get how Louis gets you up when you guys are a Heavey Sleeper. I don't get it." Aly said.

"Let me try." I say and jump on to Echo and start jumping like a 5 year old would do. Then Echo wakes up and pushes me off her. I fell on the ground and I started to yell and fake cry.

"Echo. Owch!!!!!!! My wrist. I think you broke it." I started to cry alot and everyone thought it was real but Echo ignored me and tryed to go back to sleep.

"Nicole are you okay." Louis and Niall said.

"Guys don't worrie I am just messing with you guys."

"You are good at fake crying." Niall said.

"Thanks." I said laughing and smiling. Louis helped me up off the ground and we both went into the Kitchen followed by everyone else. Liam had desisded to make pancakes for breakfest. After he had make everyone 2 to 3 pancakes he went into the other room to where Echo was.

Liam's POV

I go back into the Living room to wake up Echo so she could have something to eat. I tryed and then I was wondering if she was ticklish like her sister was. I started to tickle her and she keep laughing and then she woke up and sat up and our faces were right next to each other.

"Sorry." She said.

"No it is okay. But anyways Morning." I say.

"Morning." She said with a small smile.



"I made some pancakes want some?"

"Sure. Sounds good."

I take her hand and help her get up and walk all the way to the kitchen and hand her a plate with 2 pancakes on it.

"Nicole that is so gross!" Echo says.

"What is so gross?"

"Your pancakes."

"What about them?"

"You put chocolate syrup on them."

"So it is Awesome! (In real life they are the best!! I LOVE THEM!!! :D)"

"Gross." Echo said and Nicole started to laugh. After breakfest Nicole had asked Niall and I if it was okay that Echo could live here in the spare bedroom. I had said yes in an excited way and Niall siad yes too. So Nicole went up to Echo and had asked her if she wanted to live her and she said yes and hugged Nicole. She must be real excited to move in.

"Everyone I am going back with Echo to pack her things see you in a little bit." Nicole said.

"Okay see yah later girls." Zayn said. Then they had left.

"We should go out tonight" Harry said.

"Like for dinner and go to watch a movie."

"But the girls won't be back in time and we would almost be done with dinner if we do that." I said.

"True" Zayn said.

"How about everyone but Liam and I go out to eat and to a movie and the girls and us will eat here and watch a movie. Then some other time we could take them and us out." Louis said.

"Yah, sounds good, is tha tokay with you Liam?" Harry said.

"Yah, that is fine with me." I said.

"Okay then it is finally. We will leave in about an hour." After Niall said that Aly, Hayley and Eashia went upstairs to go and get ready for the night out. Catlyn could/ would not make it. She had to go out of state for about 3 days. For her job that is why.

Nicole's POV

I had gone to Echo's house and I helped her pack all of her things. She had barly anything. She only had 5 boxes of stuff. She had some drwaing stuff, make-up, clothing and that was about it, a few other things. We put everything into her car and we headed back. I texted Louis telling him we are on our way home. It took us about and hour to get everything packed and took an hour half to finally get back home. It was 530pm and when we got their Louis and Liam helped us get the 5 boxes out of the car. After we got all the stuff in Echo's room we ate supper. Louis and Liam had ordered in Chinese food. Echo was so happy. She LOVES Chinese food. She started to jump up an down she was so happy and excited.

"Calm down Echo. It is okay" I said laughing.

"Sorry just so excited havent had Chinese food in a long time." She said.

"I see."

After supper was over Louis, Liam and I went and sat in the living room and talked. Echo had gone to her room to unpack.

"So Where is she?" Liam asked.

"She is in her room unpacking why?"

"Cause, I am sorry Nicole but I think I am falling for your sister."

"Liam!" I yelled. Echo came out of her room with a worried look on her face.

"Is everything all right?" She asked.

"Yah. We were getting ready to come and get you so we can watch a really funny movie." Louis said.

"Yah. But you have to promise that you will not leave the spot until the movie is over and you have to sit by Liam." I said. She and Liam both started to blush alittle bit.

"Okay. I promise." She said.

"What movie is it. Have you seen it before?" She asked going to sit by Liam. Liam had put his arm around her and she lend up against him.

"No this is one of those new funny movie called............. Ted." I said with a weird face at the TV So Echo could not see. I put it in and it did not have one of those menu and I was so happy cause I wanted to surprise her. I went back and sat by Louis and we did the same as Echo but I was probally snuggling on Louis side. Louis thinks it is funny and cute. We started to watch the movie and Echo was so scared she was hidding her face in Liam's chest and she was like hugging him. Then a really scary part came on and Echo jumpped so high that she sat in Liam's lap and hugged hima dn hid her face in his chest.

The movie finally endded and Liam and Echo had fallen asleep with Echo on Liam's lap hugging him with her face in his chest and Liam was hugging her and had his head on top of hers. Lousi and I though it was really cute. Then we both fell asleep me with my head on Louis lap and Louis was laying over me.( Like if you seen the picture with Zayn fell asleep on Liama nd Liam fell asleep over him that is what I am talking baout) This was an Awesome day! :)

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