Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


7. Revenge

I store at her, golden long hair. Before I could even take a punch to her face, she grabbed my by the neck and carried me out to the front of the yard in the grass. She set her weight on my stomach, and began choking and cutting me. Red liquid fell down my arms and legs as she laughed and my body went numb. "ALY!!!!!!" Why hadn't I called her name before? She laughed once again as she slowly cut sensitive skin below my eye.

"Bitch you messed with the wrong people!" The girl ontop of me raised her knife quickly, only to be thrown off of me. I looked to find Aly saying that, not that other blonde girl. The blonde raised the knife, stabbing Aly in the forarm. I went to get up, but blonde was back on her feet and took a kick to my stomach. Shock ran through Aly as she took a cold hard core punch to the blonde's face with her bloody arm. I heard sirens and Aly fell pale faced to the ground next to me. "ALY!" Blonde sprinted off, I could already see the black eye forming on her. Things came as a blurry swipe to my eyes. But I could see Blonde being handcuffed. Aly didn't move, she made loud coughing noises. I looked down at my arms and legs, only to fall back on the ground again. Pain rised in my ribs. I grabbed on to Alys arm as two males came to our side. Aly shook her head as she let out a high cry. Catlyn, Niall, Louis, and Harry all came outside.

"What the hell?!" Harry put his hands on the top of his head, furious of course. Catlyn started crying, and Niall was by her side in not time trying to calm her. Harry came to Alys side as Louis came to mine. Harry and Louis took a long hug as Aly and I had to board up into the same ambulance. I laid down on a hard chair, knowing Aly got the worse of it. I felt bad, I shouldn't have screamed her name, now look at her.

"Aly how you holdin up." She scrunced her face as she rotated her head in my direction.

"Great." She said to me. I could tell she was lieing.

When I got to the hospital everybody was yelling things. I could not make out what they were saying. We got to the room and one of the men had put a mask around my face. I started to feel dizzy and I looked up to see that Louis was standing by me. Then two of the ladies told him to leave. So when they were taking him out of the room, I put my hand out for Louis and I fell asleep. I felt... dead


I had just got out of school. My friends and I were really excited. We got home and celabrated because we graduated High School. We all decided to go to college for singing. When we got back after like 6 years there. We had run into these boys who were famous. My friend Hannah (Who is not any more) was like ohh It is you guys see yah! And left us!!!!! We talked to them hung out with them. We all got each others phone numbers and left for the day. When the next day came I had gone downstairs and found them sitting in our Living room (Ohh sorry One Direction) and we just talked and talked then Louis had asked me out and I said Yes (REALLY) loudly. Niall looked over and said "Looks like we got some love birds over here!" I started to blush. We all had been together for about 4 years now. Louis and I have dated each other sence day One!! We had all stayed at Louis and Harry's place. I got up out of bed and found Louis was with me. I had gone on his side and sall his phone ringing, I awnsered it:


"Hello, Louis?" She said

"No, this is his girlfriend Nicole."

"Hi, Nicole. Your his girlfriend too?"

"Wait he is cheating on me and you?"

"I think I better go now!"

"Yah same here."

When I got off of the phone I went and shook Louis so he could wake up. Then he got up and asked me what is wrong. I asked him "I thought I was your only girlfriend?"

"You are, my Love!" Then I had asked him about the other girlfriend named Darcy and he did not know anything about her. He told me that I need to SHUT UP!!!!! I was all scared and he threw me outside and slamed the door in my face and told me to get out of his life.

*End of the Dream*


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