Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


18. No Where To Be Found!

I started to walk because I did not have car. My family was to mean to even get me a car! Then I started to walk and walk. I walked for about 2 to 3 hours. Aly called me! I anwsered it.


"Hey you doing okay! Where are you?" She asked

"I am doing fine! I just left the house! Harry is REALLY sorry for what he did to you!"

"Really? That Cant be true!"

"Yah! He is really Sorry he misses you too much!!!"

"I do too!"

"That is sweet! I wish Louis would just call me and tell me that right now but NO he is so Mad at me! he needs to stay out of your buissness!!!!"

"So do You!!!"

"I know Sorry!! I was just....... I dont know!!!! Sorry!"

"It is fine! Louis was saying things that were going way too far. He was like he was so drunk! How did you know how to like control him with out like having him punch you or you punching him?"

"I dont know I guess I just know him too well!!!! I would of punched him but no. I couldnt."

"Ohh I see Well my flight is here! Hope things get better with you and Louis. I will be back in about a week."

"Okay be safe Bye."


I hung up and then I just realize that I had no where to go. Then I wanted to go to the Beach. I have always LOVED the beach. It was the place I use to go to when I was sad or mad and just work things out. Then I walked on the beach and remebered the memeories of my First Bf But then I started to get mad because of what he did to me! But Cheating on me with one of my friends and she did it on purpose and then he lied to me about everything! He never treated me the way that Louis would! I miss Louis SO Much I dont care if he is mad at me. I just want to hear his voice and give him a hug. I miss him Alot.

Then It was getting dark. So I put on my warm jacket and lyed down on the sand. i watch the sun set go down and right while it was my phone started to ring. I looked to see who was calling and my face was shocked.

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