Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


39. Marry Me?


*3 years later*

Hey guys well, to catch you guys up on things. I signed up to go to a vet school. I love animals and music too. I did not get into the school. I was very sad. It was very bad that I could not go and I was upset but Louis cheered me up. I love him so much. I went and wanted to see if I could go to Music school. I got into that. Finished that off early cause I had outstanding grades. Then I came back home and everyone missed me but the person who missed me that most was Louis. He is such a sweetheart. If you are wondering, Yes. Louis and I are still together. So is Aly and Harry, and everyone else. Louis asked me a few days after I came home if I wanted to move in wiht him. I said sure. So we live together now. Well, there are somethings to chatch yuo up on.

Louis and I were sitting on the couch me leand up against Louis. We were watching Tv... when.......

"Oh my god oh my god!!!!!" Aly came out saying/screaming.

"Aly what is the matter and how did you get in?" I asked her...

"HARRY ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM and also your front door was unlocked."

"Ohh, and are you serious! Congrates for both of you." I said getting up and hugging her.

"I also have bad news......"She said with a sad face.

"What is it?" Louis said. I sat down next to Louis and Aly texted someone and told us they will be coming over in about 5 minutes.

"So what is the bad news." Louis said.

"Oh, well Harry asked me to Marry him and Zayn asked LaLecia but she said no and dumped him in a really mean way."

"What..LaLecia.. Where is she?" I asked.

"Gone we dont where she went."

"If I see her I am going to kill her." After I said that Zayn came into Louis and mine house. He had tear marks down his face.

"Zayn?" Louis said.

Zayn started to cry again. Louis got up and hugged him. If you got a BooBear hug you would feel some much better I know I do. After they hugged for a while Zayn calmed down and I gave him a quick hug.

*3 hours later.*

Louis, Aly, and I cheered up Zayn and told him that he will find somebody out there that is better then LaLecia. Harry came over about 2 hours ago.

"Harry can I ask you something in private?" Louis said.

"Sure." Harry said.

"Zayn you come to."

"Kay" Zayn said.

Then they left and went up to our bedroom and left Aly and I to just talk.

-Louis's Pov-

I had asked Zayn and Harry to help me think of something to do to ask Nicole to marry me.

"Whats up?" Zayn asked.

"I need your guys help to think about how I should ask Nicole to marry me."

"What does she like to do?" Harry ask.

"She loves to swim and go to the beach. She really loves to surf."

"I got it." Zayn said.


"Since it is 1230pm. You should take her to the beach. Have a picnic and just hang out ad swim and just have a great time that she will remember. Then when it is a sunset sit next to her and then ask her to marry you." Zayn said.

"You think it will work?"

"Yh, I know it will work. Zayn said.

"I agree with Zayn." Harry said.

"Okay I will do it."

After that We went back down to where the girls where.

*Nicole's POV*

Aly told me how Harry asked her. They went to dinner yesterday. TO a very fancy place and when she went to drink her wine the ring was there and she took it out and Harry got on one knee and asked her to marry her. I thought that was really cute and very sweet of Harry.

Louis, Harry, and Zayn came back down and Louis left. Zayn and Harry said he had to go shopping real quick. 

"Harry That was really sweet of you to do that!" I said.

"Do what?" Harry said with a weird look on his face.

"How you asked Aly to Marry you I thought that was really sweet."

"Oh Thanks!!."

"Yep, So....."

"So... Want to watch a movie?" Zayn asked.

"Sure." Aly said.

"Which one though?" I said. 

"How about Paranormal Activity 4?" Aly said.

"That?" Zayn said.

"I have been dieing  to see it!!!" Aly said again.

"Fine and Zayn you can sit by me if you get scared okay?" I said.

"Fine." Zayn said.

I put in the movie and turned out all of the lights and shut the curtains so it was kinda dark in here so the sun cant ruin the movie. We were watching the movie and Zayn was so scared he had pulled me on his lap and hid behind my back. I just laughed.

"Zayn.... are you okay?" I said. 

"No, I am so scared." He said.

"Can I get off your lap?"

"No please don't leave me."

"Fine just dont tell Louis. Kay?"

"I promise I won't"

"This will be our little secret."


We finished the movie and put in #3. We were going backwards from 4 to 1. Zayn did the same thing to me again. Aly and Harry were cuddling together. It was about 230 pm and during the middle of #3 Louis came home and I jumped off Zayn's lap and sat next to him so it looked like we were just watching movies together. I put one of my knees up on the couch and continued to watch the movie Louis came in and sat down on the other side of me. 

~ Few minutes later~

After we finished #3 and started #2 Louis asked me if I wanted to go to the beach today and I was so happy and got up and ran up stairs and got my Red and Blacked strips bikini. I ran into the bathroom and got changed. I put my hair up into a ponytail and the was ready to go. I walked back out and grabbed a pair of White shorts and one of Louis's striped shirt.

I walked down stairs and Louis was there all ready must have changed while I was in the bathroom. I walked in and Louis got up off the couch.

"Ready to go Love?" he asked.

"Yah. Ready when ever you are." I said.

" Kay lets go then see Yah guys later."

"Bye guys." I said.

Louis and I walked to his car and then headed to the beach.  We got there in about 10 minutes. When we got there Louis had got two surf boards and I was so excited. We both went down to the beach and I grabbed my surf board and Louis told me he had to go to the bathroom first then he will be out to the water. So while he went to the bathroom I took off my shorts and shirt and went for the water and looked for a wave to ride.

*Louis's POV*

I told Nicole that I was going to the bathroom but really I was going to go and get the basket out of my car. I ran up to my car and got the basket full of food. Then I saw Nicole looking for a wave so I quickly got it all set up and then ran out there. When I got out there Nicole had catch a wave and she was having the time of her life.

*Nicole's Pov*

I was looking for a wave and then I heard Louis coming in the water. I was going to turn my head to see if it was him but a huge wave came and I knew I had to take it. Once I got to the wave and stood on my board I was just so happy I am surfing again. After my ride was done I saw Louis and paddled over to him. 

"Nice Ride out there."

"Thanks. Now it is your turn."

"I haven't surfed in a while."

"You can do it try.."

"Fine I will." 

Louis tried to ride on of the waves but failed. After about 3 times of falling he finally got up and was surfing. He did a really good job too. 

"Awesome job."


"No really did an great job."

"Thanks. Lets take a break."


Louis and I had paddle battle to see who go to the shore first. It was a tie. then I looked p and saw a Picnic. Thakn god I was hungry.

"Louis this is way to cool."

"Come on lets go and eat."

After we at we went back to the water we surfed a few more times and tipped each other off our boards. it was the best day ever. It was getting ready to be a sunset. Louis and I sat next to each other and watched the sunset.

"Nicole I had the best day ever today."

"So did I Louis. I will always remember this."

"Same here.'' We watched to sunset and we were walking along on the beach. Before it was to to dark.

"Nicole can I ask you something.?"

"Yah, sure anything Louis." Once he said that he reached in his pocket and got on one knee and said.

"Nicole, I love you with all of m heart. You are the most sweet, caring, kind and helpful girl I have ever met. You cheer me up when I am sad and you are very funny. I love being with you so much. Nicole will you please Marry Me?"

Louis Tomlinson asked me to marry him.

"Yes, Yes." I said with tears in me eyes. Louis put the ring on me hand and stood up and we kissed. After we kissed we went back home got the surfboards and the basket and left. On the way home Aly called me.

*Conversation Call (A-Aly N- Nicole L-Louis Z-Zayn)

N- hello?

A- Nicole. Aly said crying.

N-Aly what is wrong?

L- Nicole is everything okay?

N- I am not sure let me see. Aly what is wrong?

A- H-A-R-R-Y. She started to cry more and then I heard someone say something and then Aly was gone.


N-Zayn what is going on?

Z- Kay so Harry had gone out to get something and he was on his way back home. He was about 15 minutes away. Then when Harry was driving a drunk driver went head on with Harry. 

N- Oh, My god. Is he okay?

Z- Not sure yet. It was a semi that hit him head on.

N- Oh, my god. Where are you guys?

Z- We are at the hospital right now.

N- okay we are on our way.

*End of Call*

"What is going on?" Louis said.

"Harry was coming back from the store and a drunk driver who was in Semi went head on with Harry. He is in the hospital right now." I ask with tears going down my eyes.

"Not my pal."

"Yah, I know. Everyone is at the hospital."

"Lets go." Louis said with tears rolling down his eyes too. 





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