Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


19. How This Happen?

Oh no, Harry was calling me. What do I tell him. Lie to him or just tell him where I was?

"Hello?" I anwsered

"Nicole. Where are you?" He said sounding worried

"Urgh I-I cant tell you." I stumbled.

"Nicole Please Please tell me." He pleaded

"Harry I cant beacause of Louis and I just cant." I paused "Sorry" Then I hung up and laid back down and went to sleep.

~Harry's POV~

"Sorry" Then Nicole hung up. Why won't she tell me where she is at. Maybe Louis will know where she is at.


"Yah, Harry? Whats up your voice sounds sad/scared. What's wrong?"

"It is Nicole She......."

"I don't want to talk about her. Please Harry. Can we please watch our movie."

"Yah. Sure" We watched the movie and I cant help but her out their were she could get hurt. "Louis."

"Yes Harry?"

"Nicole might be in danger... And we're just sitting here watching a movie"

"How would you know?" I felt his emotions began to part back to Nicole's side. I knew Louis still Had TONS of feelings for her. "What kind of Danger.?"

"Well, I called Liam's phone to see if she was their he said no. Then I called Niall and asked the same and she was not their either. Then Zayn and nope. I dont know where she is at All!!!!"

"What no!" Then I could that Louis was thinking about where she could be. "That is it!"

"What?" I say.

"Nicole Loves the Beach."

"Lets go and see if she is their!"

"Okay." Louis said getting really worried.

We hopped into my car. I drove and it was 1:30 in the morning. We pulled up their and we looked everywhere! Then Louis Disappered. I could not find Louis so I looked on the beach and sound Louis knee down by Nicole. Tears filled Louis's eyes. "What is wrong Louis?"

"Look at her!"

I looked at her she had a cut above her left eye and a bruise around her right eye and then she had a cut right in her lip. I was now really scared and worried about what happened to Nicole. Louis picked her up and carried her over to the car. He put her in and then got in the back seat with Nicole and I drove us back to my place. When we got home. I looked back at Louis and Nicole was all cuddled up next to him. I got out and pick Nicole up and Louis wanted to carry her so I gave her to him. Then we went inside and Louis said "I am going to go to bed I am Really tired!"

"Me too. should we put Nicole on the Couch?"

"NO" Louis said loud but not loud enough to wake Nicole up. Nicole was a heavy sleeper like Zayn is.

"Well, isent she getting heavy do you want me to take her up for you?"

"She is not one bit heavy! She is Really Light."

"Well, I better get to bed. Night Harry!"

"Night Louis."

Then I went up to my room and went right to my bed and lyed down. Sometimes I would wish and imagine in my head that Aly was here. I miss her to much. I was worried for her, she could be anywhere. What if she gets in a plane crash trying to go back to her family. Or get some disease from being to beautiful. I didn't know what it was, but I was scared for her. And tomorrow I would find her... and Then I went to sleep dreaming about Aly.

~Louis POV~

"Night Louis" I hear Harry say back to me. Then I go to my room and lay down Nicole and then get ready for bed. At least I am better then Harry. I had just on my boxers. I turned off the lights and went back into bed. I had put Nicole under the covers and so she was looking at me. She was the Most Beautiful and Pretty girl I have ever meet before. I Love Her So Much. I kissed her for head and went right to sleep and was dreaming about me and Nicole! :)


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