Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


3. Hospital

Aly and I were the first to run to the front desk. We asked where Harry and Louis were located, and they wouldn't tell us because we thought we were two crazy fans. Then when Zayn came in, and convinced her that we were cool, she shoed us to Harrys room first. Aly screamed and ran off to his room. We all followed to his room, his leg was broken and cuts and bruises covered his face. I crossed my arms, not wanted the tears to come. Aly went and laid next to Harry. Harry put his arm around Aly, and they both rested in bed together. We all decided to leave them alone, we we went to Louis's room. Liam and Niall were sitting on a chair next to his bed. Niall was running his fingers through his hair, and Liam had his head between his knees. "NIALLERS!" Catlyn ran and sat on Niall's lap. I followed close behind. Louis had tubes running down his throat. I felt wet balls of water run down my face. I sat next to Louis's bed.

"He's in coma." Liam replid, I grabbed on to Louis's hand. I had noticed Niall having a black eye, with a couple of scrapes. And Liam had a cut cheek, with a couple of stitches."Soo... Who wants food?" Nialls hand shot straight up in the air, along with Catlyns. "Anyone besides them?"

"Harry and Aly will probably want a couple of Tacos, just get that for them I'll buy it for them I'm not to hungry." Liam nodded, and got up and left to go but something to eat. Nobody had to ask what Catlyn and Niall wanted, they'd eat anything if it were from Nandos. After about 30 minutes, Liam came back with lots of food. I took Aly and Harrys taco's. Not even knowing what Catlyn and Niall got.

I left Loui, and walked into Harrys room. Aly had her head rested on Harrys chest. Harry had his head resting on hers. I set the tacos on a table next to them so I didn't wake them up. They were so cute. If only that were me and Louis... 

I was just about to walk out the door, when Harry spoke. "How is he?"

I stopped and looked at him... "Just a couple scratches." He smiled.

"Tell him I said get better." I nodded, he would never get better... he was in coma. Why did I have to lie?

Niall, Catlyn, Lalecia, and Zayn all went home. Liam and I stayed, he offered me some food. But I refused. As midnight reached here in London, I snuck out to the store and grabbed a bag of carrots. I came back to the hospital, and started eating them like they were chips. I put a carrot in Loui's hand. Liam looked at me funny and we both laughed a little.

-Many days later, not counting-


When it was finally 8 am and the nurse came back and told us that it had been a week since the crash and that Harry was free to go. So Harry came out of his room with Aly and some cruches. Then we walked into Louis room. Liam left to go and sign papers for Harry to be free away from the hospital. I was by myself. I was talking to Louis and said "Harry is alright, He is now free from the hospital!"

I put my hand on his hand and as Liam came in to get me he said "Okay we need to go home!"

I said "Okay." Right before I lifed my hand of Louis hand he starts to move his hand and slowly stared to wake up. I say " OMG Loui!!!!" Then Liam goes and gets Aly and Harry. Then we were all so happy, except Harry.

Louis says really slow "Ss-s-so Happ-p-py that you an-n-nd Haz-z-z-za are okay." I started to fill up with tears. A nurse came in and called the doctors to come and they said to us "We need you guys to leave!"

I yelled "NO!!!" and ran to Louis! Other nurses came in and grabbed me and threw me out of the hospital to the ground and one of them said "You Stay Out and Never come back!!!! God Stupid Kid!!!!!!" Liam came out and helped me up off the ground. Then we started to go back to Liam's place.

On the way home Aly asked "What happened?" I told her " That they wanted me to leave and I yelled no and ran and gave Louis a hug. Then I was going to leave. He was trying to tell me something but the nurse called in others urses and they took me outside and through me to the ground. Then one of them saidthat i have to stay out for good and never come bacl. They they said god stupid kid!" Aly was really surprised she had never seen something like that happen before. I felt really bad, and lonely. Harry had his arm around Aly, playing with her hair. They were so cute, why couldn't that be me?... Harry was going to hate me that I lied to him about his bestfriend

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