Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


13. Haunted Hospial

Harry did not like this day at all because first he went on to a coller coaster and was pretty much under his bar and snuggling up against Louis. I totally understand though, my cousin is the same way. We all started to walk to the Hospital when Harry just stopped. Liam and Zayn stopped too and went and talked to Harry. We all waited by theeEntrance. When they got there we all asked if Harry was okay and he said that he was. We walked in and got in line. It only took about 5 minutes to get in. All 10 of us went in to the Hospital. We all walked like:

Zayn & Lalecia

Liam & Cali

Niall & Gabby

Harry& Aly

Louis & Me (Nicole)

Louis and I decided to go last so if someone scares us or runs up behind us and scare us it won't be Harry it will be Louis and I. So as we walk around a corner, I kinda fell back just a tiny bit. When we went around the corner I had got stuck on two nials that got my coat. These two scream guys came running at me and I screamed really loudly and I was trying to get my coat off of my body. But then Louis came back and so did the others, except Harry and Aly at the same time as the scream guys came and they took off their mask so we were going to get scared and they helped me off of the nails and took me that the ride had been stopped because I was about to loose my family/friends. So after they got me off they put back on their mask and ran back to their places. Then it started again. We kept on walking and got scared like 8 times and Louis was holding my hand so if I did get stuck again he could help me instead of my screaming and getting (REALLY) scared. So we all walked through it. When we got out we all LOVED it. I just remember that I could not fine Harry or Aly. I walked back in the exit where their is a tunnel going back into the Hospital. When I got in there I found Harry and Aly making out. I took a picture and ran back to the boys. I showed them it and Louis HAD to call Harry and when he picked up Louis put it on speacker and asked.

"Where are you guys?" Harry said

"We went to go get a drink of water we are almost back to the hospital!"


Then he hung up. about 2 minutes later they came back on I was on my twitter page and Harry grabbed my phone and saw the picture of Aly and Harry making out. I never told anyone where we were I just showed him the picture. A lot of people thought that Harry and Aly were a really cute couple and like 4 or 5 Hate them together. Aly dide't care what they thought.

After we went to some other rides it was already 9Pm and we decided to get something to eat and go home. We went to Nandos and got something to eat. Cali went home. And everyone stayed at Liam's place except for Louis, Harry, Aly and I we all went to Louis and Harry's place. When we got there we went right to bed. Aly went with Harry and I went with Louis and before we went into the room Aly whispered to me.

"We arent  going to get to overwhemled!" I laugh and said .

"Nope we are not!" sSaid Aly.

We went to in to the room and I got in my pjs. I put in some black shorts and a red tank top. Louis was already in bed. All he was wearing was boxers.

"Hey dont worry I am much better then Hary when it comes to sleeping."

"Why?" I asked

"Because he sleeps Naked!" Louis said quietly.

I thought to my elf oh god! Aly good luck!! I climbed into bed with Louis and we talked and I told him that I was not tired and so he sang me the song More Than This and when he did I fell asleep right on his chest.

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