Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


4. Harry Gone Mad

Liam drove us to his place, Aly helped Harry out of the car. When we walked inside Niall Zayn were sleeping on the couch. I started to wonder if Catlyn and Lalecia were home or not. Aly went over to Zayn, and Liam to Niall. Harry was sitting on a stool in the kitchen eating some fries we got him at a restraunt. Liam put his arm around Niall in a friendly way. "Aly, lets go to nandos before Niall and Zayn wake up.

Right when Laim said that Niall Shot staright up and said "Wait NANDOS? Where?"

Liam said "No we are joking we just wanted to get you up".

Niall told us that the girls were down in the guest bedroom of Liams house. I went down stairs and walked into their room. Aly came sprintnig past me, and jumped ontop of Catlyn. Catlyn screamed at the top of her lungs. Lalecia burst out of the room across from me and had a pillow raised in her hand. I turned around and she smacked me with it. We all started to laugh! I left and told everyone and they laughed too! Aly came out because she scared Lalecia to death.!

After an hour I told the girls I will be right back. I am going to go and get us all some cloths to wear. Aly decided to go with me so she can get her make up and stuff. Right before we left I could hear Harry yell to Aly "Make sure you bring clothes for you guys to stay for a LONG time!!" Aly blushed and laughed before we left.

When we got home we had brough back clothes for about a week, and a toothburshes and combs and stuff. Aly bought a ton of make up, but only for herself. Aly got a pink hair straightner too. And Aly decided to take me to the hospital to see Louis, but of course I had to sneak in. I still felt kind of bad about lieing to Harry, he hasn't really talked to me since...

When we got to the hospital we saw Louis trying to walk on crutches. He was doing good but still he really hated them!! Louis saw me and he came for me and gave me a big hug! The doctor told us that Louis could go home tonight or tomorrow morning but it was up to Louis if he was feeling okay.

Louis being the man he is said, "Yes." Of course.

We took him home real early in the morning the next day.We got home everyone was so happy to see him. Harry and him had missed each other the most! We all smiled and laughed. We all sat down and just talked and watched movies. Aly was cuddled into Harrys lap. And Catlyn was holding hands with Niall. Louis had fallen asleep, and Zayn and Lalecia were giggling with eachother. Harry had a look on his face, and I knew he was still upset. I looked over at him and he looked over at me. He glared at me, but as he looked away Aly gave him a soft gentle kiss on the cheek. This wasn't going to be good at all...

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