Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


23. From The BEST Day Ever To The Worst Day EVER!!!!

Louis and I hung out all day long. We were so happy to be back together. It was 10:00pm. We were watching different movies like: The Notebook, Titanic ( So SAD!!!! :() Louis and Harry cryed during the movie. Louis layed his head on my shoulder and so did Harry but on Aly's shoulder. I thought they would not cry. I thought it would be the girls. NO! It was funny! Then other ones like: Grease, The Hunger Games, and The Outsiders. Aly feel asleep on Harry's shoulder. Aly was going to stay the night at Liam's place with me. Then tommarrow night we are coming to stay here agin. I know Aly will. But I might not. It is a Thursday and I promissed Liam I would hang out with him till Monday. Si I will keep my promiss.

"Aly wake up." I said nice and sweetly to her.

"What?" She said still tired.

"We better head over their. It is 11:30 at night."

"I want to stay here."

"I know you will get to tommarrow night! Okay?"


Aly got up and she gave Harry a hug and pecked his lips.

"Meet you in the car.!"

"Okay" I said back to her. I went over to Louis and gave him a hug an dkissed him a about 10 seconds. I smiled at him.

"When you coming back?" Harry asked.

"Monday Afternoon!" I replied

"Why so late?" Louis asked.

"I promissed Liam that I would hang out with him tell monday. I can't break promiss!"

"Fine!" Louis said with a sad face.

"Come here Boo Bear!" I gave him a hug,

"Don't worrie it will go by fast!" I told him.

"Aly is probally wondering were you are!" Harry said.

"Yah, see Yah guys Monday afternoon!"

"Okay see yah later babe!" Louis said.

"Bye guys." I said while closeing the door.

"FINALLY! Take all day!" Aly said while I opened the door to the car.

"Aly the day is almost done anyways!"

"Nicole look at the time!" I looked at the time.

"I was in their for 30 minutes?"

"Yah Weirdo! Yah"

I got into my car and we started to drive away. A song came on the radio, It was Truly Madly Deeply by One Direction. Aly Loves to sing Harry and Liam's part. I Love to sing Louis, Niall, and Zayn's part but here and their we sing each others! :) So we got to Harry's solo on the Truly Madly Deeply part and Right while Aly was in her solo a HUGE I mean HUGE Buck, Comes out of nowhere! It was way to late to stop! So I honked the horn to move it. But to late. We hit the deer really badly that it came right at us in the wind shield. The deer came right to for me and I tryed to move but couldn't. So the deer antler stabbed me right in the shoulder! Really badly and deep into my shoulder. The other antler broke off an dstabbed Aly right in the side! She was in Alot of pain.

"Aly!" I said in an alomst whisper!

I started to be dizzy and then the last thing I remeber is that the deer antler was stabbed in my shoulder and Aly in pain!

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