Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


37. From Friends to WHAT?!?!?!

Echo's POV

I woke up to somebody laying next to me and when I opened my eyes two Chocolate brown eyes were looking at me.

"Hey sleepy head."

"Hey. What are you doing here?"

"Ohh. You feel asleep on me an dthen I feel and asleep. SO I texted Louis this morning and he told me Nicole had picked you up and he picked me up and put us in here together."

"Ohh okay." I said with a smile.

"Echo........ Can I ask yuo a question?"

"Sure anyhtings you....."

"Um.... Echo you are an amazing girl I have ever meet and you are so cute when you were shy. I love you with all my heart. Will you please be my girlfriend?"

"Liam.... YES I will!!!" I was so happy that he just asked me out. I love this boy. He leaned into me and he kissed me. I kissed him back then I heard somebody laugh and cameras go off. Liam and I stopped kissing and we turned around to the door and everyone was standing there taking picturse of us besides Nicole. She was just laughing her head off.

"Awww look who is the couple now!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!" she said smling and laughing at Liam and me. I hated when she embaressed me. I was going to make her pay soon.

"Yah, really Nicole... You had to do that?" I said standing up.

"Do what?"

"You know what you did...."

"Did what?" She asked all embarred and scared.

"You and Louis did it last night................." Her face was priceless and Aly had gotten a picture of her face.

"No. We didn't."

"Yah. you did when everyone was gone and Liam and I were asleep. Liam and I woke up and heard you guys..."

"What no we didn't............"

"Yah, you did." Liam said standing up and walking over to me. While he was walking over to me and he turned to me and wikned at me. I laughed alittle not much. Nicole's face was so red like a tomato and she was so embaressed. She walked out of the room and left. Louis followed her and everyone laughed.

"Guys they really didn't I am just getting Nicole back for what she did to me."

"Nice one!" Aly said giving me a high-five.

*1- hour later*

Nicole has not come out of her room and if she does she always grabs a new bag of Carrots and doesn't even look at me and everyone else. She must be very embarressed. Now I feel really bad for what I did but then again it was pay back.

"Nicole want to watch a movie with us?" Louis asked.

"No.. Thanks Louie" She reply still walking away.

"Wow. Echo you really embaressed her." Louis said.

"Sorry..... I feel relly bad for what I did."

"Maybe you should go and talk to her?" Harry said.

"Go echo it might make things better." Zayn said.
I walked up the stairs and go to Louis and Nicole's room. Their room was locked.

"Nicole?" I said

"What?" She said..... she sounded really sad.

"Can I come in please." After I said that she opened up the door.

"Nicole what have you been doing up her for almost an hour....." I looked around for her and I could not find her. Then I was getting ready to leave her room. I closed the door behind me and turned around and Nicole sprayed me with water in the face and on my pants. It looked like I pee my pants.

"Ohh, did I scare you so much that you pee your pants?"

"NICOLE!" I yelled. She ran down the stairs and.....................


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