Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


22. Forgiving Or Just Moving On

I looked at Louis and just stared at him. He looked at me and started at me too. Then I turned my head to Harry and Aly. They both were saying forgive him or just forget him. I went to look back at Louis but before I knew it somebody was giving me a tight hug. I could tell it was Louis because he has the most warm hugs and the sweetest hugss too. Besides Liam. Once he let go he looked at me then left as fast as he could. Then I left too, after Louis.

I walked all the way upstairs and looked in Louis's Room. I opened up the door and Louis was laying down on his bed looking at the wall away from the door. He was crying too.

"Harry plz leave. Harry just leave. She will never forgive me. I miss her so much! Harry are you even listening?"

"Harry?" Louis said as he sat up and turned around and sall me. He was in shock. I went over to him and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back too.

"Does this mean you forgive me?" He asked.

"I dont know, Maybe. What do you think?" I said in a werid/funny way.

"I dont know what do you think!"

"YES!!!!!!" I said and gave him kiss. We smiled at each other. Then Louis and I went down stairs Hand-in-Hand with each other. Louis pulled me to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of Carrots and then walked in to the living Room. Harry and Aly looked at us because we both were laughing and Louis was pulling me. Then he sat down on the couch and pulled me down too. "I still Remeber you LOVED Carrots!"

"Same here!"  We started to eat Carrots and Aly had to ruin the moment.

"So you guys are back together now?"


"Awesome! This is going to be great now!"

"Best Day Ever!"

Authors Notes:


Hey guys hope you guys like my story. I sure do. I have three out now even counting this one. I have three more coming. So it will be fun! Hope you guys like it. If their is any ideas you guys want me to put in this story or my other ones just send it to my gmail. it is---

Hope you guys injoy it. Plz leave a note! :) Well I will update my others ones. So I will try to update this one later to night or tommarrow! Maybe. I have to burn 5 cds for my friends. Well, I will try to update! But thanks for reading my books! Peace Out!!! :) LOL


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