Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


9. Figured!!!!

I went and sat down on the couch. Louis came and sat next to me. He turned on the T.V. and we started to watch Grease. While we were watching the movie I had asked Louis if there was something going on between Harry, Aly and him?

"No." He said.

"But why are you guys acting so weird?"

"No we arent'" he said

"But....." I said before he cut me off by pressing his warm, soft lips on mine. I start to smile into the kiss so did he. He kissed me passionalty. Then we backed away. 

"Better now?" He said trying to catch his beath.

"Yah! " I say smiling and catching my breath too.

We start to watch tv again. When Zayn and Liam come and run give me a hug. Liam said "Are you okay?"

"Yah!" I say. Then Liam and Zayn sit down next on the couch and watched Grease with us. Niall and the girls all come in and all of the girls come and sit down on the boys laps. I started to laugh when Louis pulled me into his lap and wraped his arms around my waist. Aly had texted me and said 'Hey, you okay?'

'Dont worry I am fine!'

'Yah and what are you guys doing?'

I replied back. 'We are talking and just hanging out.'

'Can you bring my stuff over to Harry's place? I am staying the night!' She asked.

'Yah, sure be there in about 10 minutes.' I replied.

'Okay thanks! See you later!' She said.

After about 10 minutes had gone by, I was on my way to Harry's place. This one car keep following me so I tried to lose him but then some how he still found me. I got to Harry's place knocked on the door and somebody grabbed me and pulled me in. I was shocked. When they turned me around it was Harry. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Aly needed me to bring her somethings." I said.

"Ohh sorry!" he said and ran off. I was so confused. Why is Harry acting like this. Then Aly came down and she looked at me and just turned away and ran for Harry!

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