Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


24. Dream Nicole's Dream

Where am I? I am so confused. What happened? I hate this! It kinda of feels like I am dead. It feels like something hit me and now I am dead. I am not sure.

"Nicole" I hear in a less than a whisper! I barely, did not even hear it.

"Nicole" The voice said. I shocked out of my dream and realize that I was still alive and not dead.

"Their is still 75% life left. So she should be waking up soon! If not then we will have to see how she is doing!"

"Okay Thanks!" I hear two voices this time! I am so Dizzy and Tired.

"Nicole. Can you please wake up. I miss you so much. It has been a while sence the accedent. Please Please wake up!" I was not sure who it was. I slowly opened up my eyes. When I finally opened them I only sall three people their. Liam, Niall and this other girl that I dont even know who she was. She looked really scared. She keep looking at Liam. So I guessed she was Liam's new Girlfriend!

"Nicole!" Niall said.

"Where am I?"

"You are in the hosptial" Liam said.

The hospital! How did I get here? Who is she. The thing I was most worried about was Aly.

"Where is Aly?"

"She......." It was scilence!

"Guys I want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Nicole she is in a coma. So were you. You were in a coma for 5 days." Liam told me.

"NO. This is all my fault! I hate my life!!!!!"

"Nicole! Don't say that!" Niall said.

"What is it true! It is my fault. She might die now because of me! Liam who is this? Is she your GirlFriend?"

"NO!!! NO! She is my Sister. The best sister in the world!"

"Hi, I am Nicole!"

"Hi.i.i. I aaam Hayley. But you can call me Hayles."

"Hi Hayle."

"Okay well Louis is on his way." Liam said.

"Wait Louis dident even know about this?"

"The nurses said they told him. But today is monday and Louis and Harry were wondering were you guys were. Becasue you were not awnsering any calls and text. They thought you were having so much fun you dident have anytime for text and calls. But then they were Happy to see you guys today but you never came. So Louis just asked me and now they know. Louis started to cry. Harry is probally worse!"

"Ohhh" I said wanting to cry.

THIS WAS ALL OF MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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