Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


29. Birthday Surprise

~Next day~

Louis woke me up about 630 in the morning. I did not want to get up but some how he finally got me to get up. I got up and went and took a quick shower. After I was done I blow dried my hair and let is hang down past my shoulders. I put on my cloths and looked to make sure it was fine. I had on Jeans and a Blue shirt that had a British Flag on it! Around the whole thing. Louis was waiting for me so we could go down stairs and wait for everyone else. I am came out and Louis stood up and looked at me. Then he held my hand and we both walked down stairs together. When we got down their everyone was up but Harry was not their. When we got to the living room door Louis keep going on into the kitchen to where Niall was looking for food. I just stood in the door way of the living room watching The Titanic. I asked Liam a question:

"Where is Harry?"

"he is up in his room. He is getting ready to see Aly in the afternoon. Why?"

"Because Louis and I have a surprise for him. So we kinda need to do it now."

"Okay. Hang on. Harry come down here." Liam said.

Harry came down to the living room and I waved Niall and Louis to come to the Living room. Catlyn and Eashia came out of there rooms and Harry came uo beside me and everyone went quiet.

"Nicole what is going on?" Harry wispered to me.

"Your birthday." I say right as Louis came down from behind me and put his arms around my waist with his head on my left shoulder. I just laughed and Louis did too. We had sang Happy Birhtday to Harry and gave him his presents and everyone looked at Louis and I with Louis's head sit on my shoulder and his Arms still around my waist.

"What about you guys?" Catlyn said.

"What do you mean?" I say.

"Umm............ a Present for Harry!"

"Ohh Harry come here." Louis said.

"Turn around" I say to Harry whenever he came near us.

Louis put a blind fold on him. Everyone looked at us. I smiled and Laughed.

"Um... What is going on?" Harry asked.

"Come on everyone!" I say while pulling Harry. Everyone else followed us.

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