Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


26. Awww Harry (So Sweet!!!! :D)

Harry's POV

We got to the hospital and I got out of the car as fast as I could. Louis ran after me. I went right to the front desk and asked to see Aly.

"Can I see Aly Merinz. Please."

"Umm. Sorry Sir but no one is going to be seeing Mrs. Merinz right now."

"Please. I have to see her! I am all she has. She has no one else but me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!"

"Hang on." I waited for about 2 minutes at least. 

"Sir You may go in but only you right now. You are just lucky! Room 223."

"Thank you!"

I walked down the hallway and I went right past the room that, Louis, Niall, Liam, and their was a girl who stood by Liam (I could not see her face) and they all where in a room with Nicole. Who I am guessing jsut woke up. I walked in the room next to Nicole's room. I sall Aly with a mask on her face and she had had two tubes down her throat. I was crying and tears were going down my cheeks. I went over to her and sat down by her. I grabbed her hand gentle. I started to talk to her.

~The talk~

"Hey Aly I know You are their. But I really miss you. Can you please wake up? I miss you. Everyone does. But I Proabally Miss you the most. Here I know that this is one of your favorite songs. So I will sing it so it can make you happy.

Said I'd never leave her cause my hands fits like

my t-shirt ,Tougne tied over three words, cursed.

Running over thoughts that make my feel hurt

Bodies interwined with her lpis.

Now ahe's felling so low since she went solo

Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo

and it's no joke to me

So we can do it all over again

If your're pretending from the start like this

with a tight grip then my kiss

can mend your broken heart

I might miss everything you said to me

And I can lead you broken parts

That might fit like this

and i will give you all my heart

So we can start it all over again!........................................................



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