Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


27. A Special Day

Nicole's POV

"Nicole want to hang out today. Just have fun day today you and me?" Louis asked me. Ohh just to tell everybody I had got out of the hosptial 3 days after I woke up. Aly is still in the hospital. She has not woke up and I miss her. But I think the person who misses her more than anyone is Harry. I feel so bad for him. ALy has not woke up. It has been two weeks now and she is still asleep. My should is better just sore but it is better now.

"Yah Lou that would be nice to hang out today. Where we going?"

"We will see."

"Okay!" I said Smiling/Laughing. Lou did the same.

It was about 1130 am. I went up stairs and changed into some Blue Skinny Jean, a Black sweatshirt with a peace sign on it that sparkled and it had like splater paint behind the peace sign that was different colr which was cool. Then i put on silver sparkly boots. Then I put my hair down and off to the left side. So I looked good. I put on a cover up on my face becasue first i don't know how to put on make up and I have never ever wore make up in my life! (TRUE IN REAL LIFE) I put on Aly's and my Directioner necklace and my One Direction braclet.

I looked pretty good! I went down stair and Lou was stairing at me. But it was a new outfit that he probally never seen before.

"WOW You look AmaZayn." Lou said.

"Thanks Lou. We shouold get going?"

"Yah! Come on we can take my car."

"Okay." we went and got into Lou's car.

We went out to eat first. We went to Nandos, Niall would be beggin to go with us. Which I think is cute. But not as cute as Lou.  

Then Lou took me shopping for awhile. He  is so sweet! We kinda got each other somethings. He got me some really cute cloths and I get him some shirts he would Love. Some say superman and some have a Carrot on it! I found one that said I Heart Carrots and it had a Carrot faded behind it. He Loved that the most! So we had fun their. We would mess around with each other like we were 5 years old. It was fun and funny.

After that Lou had a surprise for me. It was about 600pm the sun was setting. Lou stopped in front of some trees. I had no clue where we were.

"Close your eyes Nicole. Please. This place is a surprise!"

"Lou don't don anything stupid or bad."

"I won't just please close your eye babe."

"Okay!" I had to trust him on this one. So I closed my eyes! He held onto my hand and I just followed on hopping he would not make me run into something! We got to the edge of something.

"Lou? What am I on?"

"You can open your eyes now." I opened up my eyes and sall the a most beautiful beach ever! I was so happy that Lou brought me here. I have never been on a beach before and I had always wanted to. I am so happy he brought me here. Even sence the sunset is going down. Aleast no body is here. it is all peace and quiet.

"You like it babe?"

"I LOVE IT!!!!!!" I said then peck Louis's lips. We smiled at each other and then walked on the beach hand-in-hand. We talked and laugh quiet abit. This was a wonderful day. Lou is so sweet to bring me here! I Love this with all my heart. I will never forget this day!

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