Live While We're Young

Jordyn thought she had a normal life until she met Harry. She's going through things she never expected at her age. Now she has to face the reality of life.


1. Jordyn's POV

I was awaken by a knock on me and Harry's apartment door. I open it up and it was Louis and Eleanor. 'Why are you guys here? It's only 7:30..' I said as I yawned. 'Me and Louis aren't getting along, Jordyn.' 'Oh welp, Ellie, I don't know what to do bout that..' 'I know, but, we need counseling.' She said. 'Eleanor, I'm not a counselor!' I yelled. 'But, you and Harry have a fairy tale relationship. Me and Louis are drifting apart..' She said. 'Well, if you think that.. I'm breaking up with you!!' Louis shouted. 'REALLY!!' Eleanor shouted. Harry walked out of our too
. 'Um, what is going on here??' He said. 'Nothing! I'm OUT of here! Eleanor screamed and left. 'I hate that girl..' Louis sat down. 'Hey, bro, it's okay.' Harry said. 'I know who I want back..' Louis said. 'Who..?' I asked. 'Hannah Walker.' 'Oh... Cool.' I said and went to my room. To be honest I was crushing on Louis a bit. I was feeling needy for Louis. Was I ready for someone new, though?
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