Now Or Never

As the boys get ready for concerts and tours and signing and other stuff they have to do Niall's sister Allie comes to visit. Will the boys like her? Will a couple of them LOVE her? Does she love THEM back? Allie soon finds living with her brother doesn't go as planed.... AT ALL.


2. Plane Ride

I got to the airport full of happiness! I texted Niall " Hey brother can you please go to the airport to pick someone up for me?(:" He texted back "Umm okay lovve youuuu! MWAH" I laughed as they called my plane. I say down and got ready for the flight. I pugged my headphones into my phone and played music through my phone. My brothers sweet voice came through the headphones from his solo in More than this. I imagined him running up to me and hugging me and spinning me around in his arms. I missed him like hell! I fell asleep to his gentle voice coming to an end. I was shaken awake by the flight attendant. "Hon, it's time to get off the plane now. I thanked her and grabbed my carry on and fled the plane. As if he read my mind Niall texted back saying he was here. I told him to met this person at Nandos in the airport. I was shaking with excitiment. "0kay I'm here." Niall text back. I saw him playing on his phone. His back was to me. I texted him to turn around. He did and he nearly screamed when he saw me. A-A-Alli- OH MY GODDNESS IT IS YOU! He ran up to me and crashed his body into mine. "Niall",I said,"I got out of that house! I did it!" I could feel his tears on my shoulder. He pulled away and told me that he was taking me home with him to see mum. I agreed and jumped on his back. "I missed you baby sister" Niall looked up at me and kissed my cheek. "I love you Al"
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