Now Or Never

As the boys get ready for concerts and tours and signing and other stuff they have to do Niall's sister Allie comes to visit. Will the boys like her? Will a couple of them LOVE her? Does she love THEM back? Allie soon finds living with her brother doesn't go as planed.... AT ALL.


4. Moving in

The boys all looked shocked. Seriously!? Niall never told them about me! "Ello love! Um I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson and apparently you are Niall's sister that we have never heard about." He said giving Niall the "you have some explaining to do" look that I'm pretty familiar with. Niall turned to me and asked me, "So um Allie, why are you here now just all of a sudden?" It almost sounded like he didn't want me here. I think he noticed because he quickly added, "Not that I love seeing you again because you're my everything Al." I smiled and told him how my- urrm our father has been treating me and ended up in tears before I could even finish. Niall wrapped his arms protectively around me and soothed me with his nice singing voice. He then grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the house excitingly. " Well Al! That's all changed and gone now. He'll never get you,hell! He won't ever come near you again with your big brother around." He said puffing out his chest like a cartoon super hero. I giggled and followed him as he lead me up the stairs into a room. It must have been his room because it had clothes and pictures of him all over it. I then realised that I only found out one of his mates names! "Niall, I never got any of your other friends' names." I said with guilt in my voice. I had just barged into their home and they hardly know my name! He nodded and hollered for the boys to come up. I heard what could only be a herd of elephants or some large animal running upstairs. It was his lads though. "Al, from left to right, this is... Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Liam." I waved and heard a group of hellos and hey's but I heard what could only be Harry I'm guessing say to Liam, " Damn she's bloody fit, Li." Niall must of heard because he got right into Harry's face and told him off. About how I'm paws off and how inappropriate that was and if he ever did any thing like that and all that jazz. I knowNiall was trying to be protective of me but he should know that I'm plenty old enough. I'm not 14 anymore. I said to all of them "Okay tha k you for letting me stay but can you guys step out so I can unpack?" Niall agreed and pushed them out of the room and kissed my head before leaving me to my big, new room. 

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