Now Or Never

As the boys get ready for concerts and tours and signing and other stuff they have to do Niall's sister Allie comes to visit. Will the boys like her? Will a couple of them LOVE her? Does she love THEM back? Allie soon finds living with her brother doesn't go as planed.... AT ALL.


3. Meeting the Lads

Niall drove me to his flat after he picked me up. "Errm Ni, what are we doing?" I asked glancing from him to the house which was HUGE by the way. Niall cheekily replied, "We'll Allie I'm going to let you met the boys!!" WHAT! IM NOT READ FOR THIS. He pulled up the driveway and jumped out and threw open the door. "Oi! Lads!? Come here for a second!" I heard loud pairs of feet coming towards us from upstairs. The boys chatted as they came down and stopped as soon as they saw me. I hid behind Niall and Niall pulled me back out. "Well Nialler! I thought you went to get Nando's not a urm girl. Harry kinda stuttered out. "Allie meet Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry other wise known as the other four members of ONE DIRECTION." , Niall said as he nudged me further forward. He still had his arms wrapped around my waist. Damn he got so strong!! The boys all shook my hands except that Louis kid. He just attacked me for a hug. Louis was still hugging me as Niall cleared his throat. "Oh um sorry Allie.. Oh love I didn't happen to catch your last name! What is your last name." Lou replied seeing that Niall looked kinda pissed. Niall started to explain, "Well boys actually she- Niall!! I cut him off,"God I can talk!" I smiled then hugged him. Hello boys I'm Allie, Allie Horan!
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