Now Or Never

As the boys get ready for concerts and tours and signing and other stuff they have to do Niall's sister Allie comes to visit. Will the boys like her? Will a couple of them LOVE her? Does she love THEM back? Allie soon finds living with her brother doesn't go as planed.... AT ALL.



Allie's POV:
I sat in my room desperately trying to come up with a plan to escape my house and go find my brother in London. I'm Allie Horan and before you ask yes my brother is Niall Horan from One direction. I haven't seen him in years because when I was six Niall and I both lived in London with our Mum. One night my dad came and kidnapped me from my room and took me back to live with him in the US. He made me Clean, cook, work, go to school, and pay the bills. He also made me buy my own food and supplies. I'm sixteen now and my life has yet to change. He beats me too and calls me his little whore. Im ready to get out of here. I pack my bag and slide down the side of the house after I climb ou the window. I have $1500 dollars I saved up all those years so when this day came I would be prepared. I quietly sneak to my Pink Slugbug and climb in the drivers seat. I start the car and throw my bag in the back seat. Yes!! Im finally getting away! I start to pull away as the front door flys open. "ALLIE COME BACK YOU WILL STAY HERE WITH ME UNTILL YOUR 18 UNTILL THEN YOU GET THE HELL OVER HERE!" my dad screamed running towards me. "SCREW YOU!!" I scream zooming off into the direction of the air port. I WILL FIND YOU... That's all I heard over my overly excited screams. Here I come London!
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