Is it only just a dream?( A Liam Payne fanfic )

Isabella and Liam have been best friend since they where 3. But what Isabella doesn't know Is that Liam has liked her for 8 years and hasn't told anybody but the boys and his mom. What happens when she finally finds out? Will she like him back? Or will she like one of the other boys instead? Read and find out!


6. Why?

" so where do you want to eat? " Liam asked me
" can we go to nandos? " I ask
" yes we can. " he replied
When we got there we got our food and left to go home and have a movie day just me and him. Like we where kids again. When we got back to his house we went straight into his room and laid down and put toy story in the DVD player and started eating. But then all of a sudden I just ask
" Why? " Liam looked at me like I was CRAZY. " why what? " He asked really confused. " Why do you love me? " He looked at me with the most shocked expression ever. " When did you hear that? " Liam asked.
" last night " I said quietly almost a whisper. He just got up and walked out. What did I just do?
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