Is it only just a dream?( A Liam Payne fanfic )

Isabella and Liam have been best friend since they where 3. But what Isabella doesn't know Is that Liam has liked her for 8 years and hasn't told anybody but the boys and his mom. What happens when she finally finds out? Will she like him back? Or will she like one of the other boys instead? Read and find out!


5. What are you doing?

When we start to go in the large walk in closet we notice the boys staring straight head with a blank expression. Then I heard someone say " HI IM JENNIFER! " I got scared and started to fall on my bad leg and let out a loud yelp and instantly felt pain in my foot. The next thing I know I was being picked up from the floor and carried to Liam's room. I heard everyone asking if I was alright and if I needed to go to the doctor. I just started crying and just nodded my head. Then Liam walked in carrying my bag. If Liam was carrying my bag... Then who was carrying me? I slowly started to look up an saw the same blue eyes I saw earlier. When he gently put me on the bed Liam gave me my bag and I started to get my clothes out and head for the bathroom. But as soon as I stood up I just instantly fell back down. " do you want me to help you get dressed? " I heard Liam ask. I just nodded my head and he made the other boys leave. As soon as they left he started helping me stand up and take off the shirt he had put on me last night. As I started to pull up my pants I felt a lot of pain come from my foot. I guess pain was written all over my face cause Liam gently leaned down and started to pull my pants up without even touching my ankle. When I was done I got out my brush and makeup and started to brush my hair. Liam took my makeup and said that I looked beautiful without it. So he went off to hide it. The last thing I needed to do was put on my shoe. This should be interesting. When Liam came back he realized that I had only brought my black converse he went into his closet and pulled out the clothes and shoes I usually kept at his house and found a pair of white flip flops to go with my floral print shirt and my white skinny jeans. When I finally got my shoes on he picked me up and started to drive to the E.R. When we arrived we checked in and sat down in the waiting area and started talking about the people that where at his house. Soon as he started to tell me who they were the doctor called me to the X-ray room. Liam couldn't carry me so they put me in a wheelchair. When we got the reasults back we saw I had broken my foot in 3 different places and that they had called my dad to the hospital. I started to cry so hard I couldn't even breath and Liam explained I didnt have " A healthy relationship ship with my dad. But it was to late I heard him stomp down the hallway and swing the door open when the nurse and Liam were still in there. " There you are you little brat!! " he started to yell. When the nurse saw what happened she called security. They rushed into the room and took my dad away. I sat their crying for another 15 minutes untill they where ready to put my cast on. I let Liam pick out the color and of course it was purple. When we left the hospital it was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon so we decided we would go get my stuff and then go straight home to eat.

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