Is it only just a dream?( A Liam Payne fanfic )

Isabella and Liam have been best friend since they where 3. But what Isabella doesn't know Is that Liam has liked her for 8 years and hasn't told anybody but the boys and his mom. What happens when she finally finds out? Will she like him back? Or will she like one of the other boys instead? Read and find out!


2. The beginning

"ISABELLA GET DONE HERE!!" My dad shouted up the stairs
I was half way down the stairs when he decided to come to where I was and threw me down the rest of the stairs by my hair. I get up and feel a sharp pain shoot through my ankle and I start to cry because of all the pain. "What are you crying about?" my dad hissed.
I can smell the strong smell of alcohol on his breath. He was drunk. Again. I start to get up and go back to my room but he pushed me back on the floor. "Where do you think your going isabella?"
He asked getting in my face. "back to my room." I mumbled as I started to get back up. Tonight would be the night I would get out of my living hell I call my home. As I wobble up the stairs on my one good leg I was afraid he might come up and pull me back down so I tried to go as fast as I can. When I finally reach my room I look at my phone and see that it is already 12:18 am. So as soon as I hear my dad go to his room and shut the door. I begin to pack my stuff. I only had to pack an overnight bag because u can come back in the morning when he heads off to work to get the rest of my stuff. I grab my stuff and my phone and start to head out the door I hear a familiar voice. "ISABELLA!!" raged filled my dads voice as he searched the house to find me. I tried to run but then I remembered my bad ankle and I fell to the ground with a large THUMP! As I started to get back up I heard the footsteps coming closer and closer. As shear panic comes over I begin to do what I had to do. Which was run. As I started to get up I suddenly hear his voice "Well there you are. I have been looking for you for quite some time." he says in a sing-song voice as he pulls something shiny out of his back pocket. As soon as I realize what it is I start to run. He starts to run after me with the knife I run to the only place I know. Liam's house.
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