Is it only just a dream?( A Liam Payne fanfic )

Isabella and Liam have been best friend since they where 3. But what Isabella doesn't know Is that Liam has liked her for 8 years and hasn't told anybody but the boys and his mom. What happens when she finally finds out? Will she like him back? Or will she like one of the other boys instead? Read and find out!



Me and Liam have been best friends since I was 3. Liam has always been their for me. He's always the one to protect me from all the cheerleaders and jocks at my school. I consider him to be my only brother although he is only 6 months older than I am. He has always been my shoulder to cry on and he will always be. My mother had died of cancer when I was 10 and I was left with my abusive father. Liam was the only one to know what my father has done to me. Before my mom died she made Liam promise that he would protect me no matter what happens.
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