secrets, love, and one direction

kelly ingles was just hoping to have a normal vacation with her aunt in london, and that soon changes when she runs into the harry styles while walking down the street, but what happens when her friends are brought into the picture?


3. this is kayla!

kelly's pov


"Harry! were have you been? we were worried sick!" i heard some one yell, i couldnt see who it was beacause im pretty short and i was still behaind harry, so no one else could see me either. harry laughed and pulled me infront of him, i turned around and gave him a death stare. i looked back at the rest of the boys and waved slightly. "how do you allways manage to find a pretty girl werever you go? but this one is the prettiest so far" zayn said as he winked. harry but his hands in my hips, making me blush and i jumped slightly, i hoped no one noticed.

harry's pov

"back off, she's mine" i said playfully, as i put my hands on her hips. she jumped slightly, making me and the other lads laugh. her phone started to ring, and she answerd it, she walked outside and i went to sit with the lads. "sooo, whats her name?" liam said smiling like an idiot. "kelly" i simply replied. louis made kissy noises and i slaped his arm. kelly walked back in smiling. i gave her a confuzed look. "that was my friend kayla, and shes in london, well at my flat, but shes like living with me now" she explained. "invite her over!" niall yelled. we all laughed. "well i would, but i have no idea were i am" she said looking at the floor. "we can go pick her up! do you no were your flat is?" i asked. she nodded "uhm kinda", and we all walked out to the van.liam was driving, and louis was in the front seat as well, kelly was next to me in the way back as well as zayn and niall . kelly and i started having a wonderful discusion about tacos. after getting lost a few times we arived at a huge flat a little bigger than ours "why do two people need a flat as big as this?" i said laughing, she shrugged her shoulders and  ran inside, "how much do you want to bet that her friend has red hair?" louis asked, every one except niall agreed with louis, niall thought she would be blonde.  kelly soon ran out pulling a blonde girl behind her "i win!" niall yelled . they got in the van, "what the heck?" the blond girl yelled inbetween breths. kelly layghed "guys, this is kayla, kayla well you no who they are" kelly said calmly. kayla looked as excited as a four year old in a candy store.kayla was still standing/ crouching when we closed the door and started driving.



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