secrets, love, and one direction

kelly ingles was just hoping to have a normal vacation with her aunt in london, and that soon changes when she runs into the harry styles while walking down the street, but what happens when her friends are brought into the picture?


13. sunshine :)

kelly's pov

when i woke up, i turned to face an empty bed. i was convinced that the previous day  was all a dream when niall ran into the room with kayla swung over his shoulder. "harry said to tell you it was time to eat" he said. i smiled and nodded, i followed them into the kitchen and sat on the counter. "so what are we having?"i asked. but before anyone could answer harry came up to me and handed me a plate of pancakes "i hope you like them" he whispered in my ear. i laughed and looked over at nail and kayla, who were fighting over the last peice of bacon  . when kayla ate it, niall picked her up and ran into another room. i laughed and finished the food. soon, harry came walking iinto the kitchen, "all done love?" he asked. i smiled and nodded. "well, do you want to go out on the deck with me? i know it sounds pretty lame but the view is magnificent" he asked shyly. "yea, sure" i said hopping down from the counter. he took my hand and we walked out onto the deck. "wow" i managed to mutter, as the view took my breath away. harry laughed "i told you". gust of wind sent chills down my spine and i shivered. "is some one cold? come here love" he pulled me into his arms, and we stood there for about an hour, until it happened......

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