secrets, love, and one direction

kelly ingles was just hoping to have a normal vacation with her aunt in london, and that soon changes when she runs into the harry styles while walking down the street, but what happens when her friends are brought into the picture?


4. stole my heart

kelly's pov

kayla's face drained of color 'uh-oh' i thought as she fell backwards, but before she hit the floor niall caught her. i let out a sigh of releif and smiled "uhm, does she always pass-out?" niall asked with a sligh smirk on his face. "yea, she's well, accident prone, and she has alot of fears" i said. i looked up and saw every one looking at me. "What?!" i said defensively. every one (except niall) started laughing, we laughed for a while. "uhm did you guys forget that there is a girl, passed out in my arms?" niall interupted. "well, thtas probably the closest you will ever get to her, so you might as well enjoy it" louis mocked, as liam hit his arm. "well, i have some water,mabey that would help" harry yelled as he jumped up and opend a bottle of water. "harry no!!" i yelled but it was too late, he had dumped the water on her head.  kayla screamed as she shot up, nearly hiting nialls head, then she colapsed in his arms and fell asleep. "what the hell is going on back there?" liam demanded. no one answered. 

niall's pov

i couldn't help staring at her, her hair fell past her shoulders perfectly,she was skinny, kinda short, and wore a little make-up even though she didnt need any at all. she was pretty, one of the pretiest girls i have ever seen, and she was much prettier than Kelly. zayn interrupted my thoughts when he yelled "aww does my little nialler have a crush?". i blushed "shut the hell up zayn" i yelled back. every one started laughing.we soon arrived back at the flat, and without getting lost i might add. "i'll carry her inside" i said trying not to sound to excited. there was no doubt about it, she had stolen my heart. i stood up and carried her bridal style into my bedroom. i was about to lay her on my bed when her eyes fluttered open. i couldnt help but smile at her ice blue eyes. "hey there sleepy!" i said smiling and still holding her. "oh my god" she slowly said. i laughed and kissed her forehead, she blushed and hugged me. "sorry, i have always wanted to do that" she wisperd. i noticed a bunch of *niall horan* and *i love irish boys* braceets on her arm and i laughed again.yep, she definitly stole my heart.    


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