secrets, love, and one direction

kelly ingles was just hoping to have a normal vacation with her aunt in london, and that soon changes when she runs into the harry styles while walking down the street, but what happens when her friends are brought into the picture?


15. hurry

kelly's pov

when we were in the waiting room niall started crying and liam had to calm him down several times. i was sitting next to harry and his arm was around me, and louis and zayn had left to go get some coffee for everyone. "oh my god" i quickly sat up and nearly hit harrys head."whats wrong love?' he asked concerned. "i didnt tell alexis that kayas in the hospital!" i said quickly taking out my phone. he nodded. i sent a text to alexix


           kaylas in the hospital, i think you might want to be here, if you do come, meet me in the waiting room\

i pressed send and sat back, "so whos alexis?' harry asked me. "oh shes just one of kaylas friends,they have been friends sense their first dance class" i explained. my phone vibrated and said i had one new message, so i clicked on it. 



   im on my way there now, il be there in ten mins.

i looked over at niall who had stopped crying "niall, dont worry shes gonna be okay" i heard liam say. "louis and zayn are back babe" harry said nudging my arm. i nodded and tok my coffee from zayn "thanks". "kelly!"i heard a familiar voice yell, i turned to face alexis, her brown hair fell down to her shoulders, and her blue eyes matched her vans "oh good your here" i said hugging her. 

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