secrets, love, and one direction

kelly ingles was just hoping to have a normal vacation with her aunt in london, and that soon changes when she runs into the harry styles while walking down the street, but what happens when her friends are brought into the picture?


22. berpp

    allexis' pov


   "kayla! what took you sooo longg?" i laughed and hugged her nearly spilling the tray of food onto her. "oh uhm sorry?" she whispered blushing. i laughed and sat down with the food.


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~an hour later~~~~~~~~~~~

when we got back to they boys flat i looked around speechlessly. there was no furniture any where "what....the.....actual....hell?" liam muttered as he walked around. kayla and niall ran past everyone giggleing and pushing everyone. harry ran after them with kelly on his back yelling "THIS IS FOR NARNIA" and to that niall responded (with a laughing kayla on his back) "NO THIS IS SPARTA!!". liam grabbed me and practically threw me on his back yelling "THIS SHALL BE DONE IN THE NAME OF TOY STORY".  meanwhile, louis and zayn continued to search for the furniture. after several failed attempts to knock each other off of backs and onto the ground, we all fell into a laughing pile on the ground. "EWWWWWWWW DADDY LIAM!!! NIALLS KISSING KAYLA!!" louis yelled. liam sat up and gave niall a stern look "save it for the bedroom children". i burst out laughing and was rewarded with the same stern look "dont laugh love, this is a serious matter....we dont know if niall has cooties". i couldnt take it, i started laughing even harder and almost cried. "YOU CANT DISREPECT ME!" liam picked me up and carried me into his room (which hadent been touched) and threw me on the bed. i stuck my tongue at him and grinned. "i wouldnt do that if i were you" he warned. "oh and why not?" i questioned. "because il do this" he started to tickle me. "no-no please stop" i gasped in-between laughs. he shook his head and continued to tickle me. "liam! stop, please???" i laughed. "only if you promise to respect me!!" he said sternly. "i-i i promise!" and with that he stopped and kissed my forehead "good". he helped me up and smiled "now apologize". i looked down at the ground "im sorry daddy liam". he laughed and started to walk out of his room, he stopped and looked at me "well? come on!". i blushed and followed him

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