secrets, love, and one direction

kelly ingles was just hoping to have a normal vacation with her aunt in london, and that soon changes when she runs into the harry styles while walking down the street, but what happens when her friends are brought into the picture?


2. accidental mirical

after running around my temporary house, i decided to take a tour of the town. i put my shoes back on and walked out the door. i had no idea were i was going, but i decided to go where ever my feet took me. it didn't take long before i heard my phone ring, i answered it and it was a wrong number. i sighed and some guy rammed into me making me fall "what the hell?!" i yelled. "oh god, im sorry love. i wasn't paying attention" he said, his voice sounded vaguely familiar. i looked up and saw someone i never even dreamed of meeting. "oh my god, your-" he cut me off "harry styles, yep thats me, oh and are you okay?". "oh yea, im fine" i said standing up. 

harry's pov


"thats a releif" i laughed. i helped her up and we stood in awkward silence. "you arent from around here are you?" i asked. she shook my head no. "well, why dont i take you too meet the rest of the lads then?" i asked. "wow, that would be awesome, but you really dont have too, im fine" she said with her smile fading. i couldnt let her get away, she was just too perfect, her dark brown hair flowed perfectly past her shoulders, and her chocolate eyes sparkled in the sun. "no, i insist. now lets get going before we're surrounded by fans" i said laughing. she laughed as well. i took her hand in mine and walked to the lads flat, well it was mine too. "so whats your name love?" i asked realizing i barely knew her.


kellys pov

"im kelly" i said blushing. he smiled and said i had a beautiful name. i blushed and shivered 'why didnt i put a coat on?" i thought. he wraped his arm around me "a little cold babe?" he asked. i nodded "yea, i forgot how cold it was.". he laughed, we soon arived at a flat about the same size as mine, but this one was a green color, mine was blue. he opened the door and he walked inside, i followed him like a lost puppy.


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