secrets, love, and one direction

kelly ingles was just hoping to have a normal vacation with her aunt in london, and that soon changes when she runs into the harry styles while walking down the street, but what happens when her friends are brought into the picture?


17. a familiar stranger

*****hey guyz sry i havent wrote in a while, ive been kinda buisy well here ya go**********

kayla's pov


i look at all of their suprised faces, and honestly the five guys standing there didnt look to bad, but they looked quite familiar like they were from a band, i just couldnt remember what one, "s-should i know them??"  i questioned. alexis nodded "yeah". i looked at the blonde haired boy who's eyes were red. "well, uhm can you re-introduce me to them?" i smiled nervously.. "oh yea sure, thats kelly, one of your best friends. thats niall, from one direction aka your boyfriend. and thats louis, harry, zayn,and liam, the rest of onedirection".  



*********sry that waas kinda short, but il write more later**********************

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