Live While We Young

Allison has won the contest of a life time! She has won a year with One Direction!! One little issue... she is 11.


11. WTF

Srry hadnt updated in a while been busy. lots of drama comming up -Alli


Zayns POV:

       Is it bad i think alli is hot?? I mean i know she is 11 but.... she is smokin hot.  What would happen if Perrie ever found out. "Hey guys I got you a gift!!!" It was alli. Her long dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes where so beautiful. wait i have a girlfriend... plus she is in 6th grade. "is it food??" Niall asked. WAIT we is she looking at him like that dose she like him. SHE CANT I LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!! 

Allis POV:

   "Is it food??" Niall asked. OMIGOD he is soo cute and sweet. I just love him!! anyway i gave them the shirts, they loved it!!

-6 hours later (12:00pm)

Zayns POV:

   Thats it I cnt help myself. I went into Allis room and she was sleeping. I took the duct tape and put it over her mouth then I tired her hands to the bed. She woke up shit. she look so scared.

Allis POV: I woke up to zayn tieing me to the bed. WHAT WAS HE DOING?!?!!??!?!?!?!?! he pulled off my paint then my shirt. he then ripped of the ducttape i was gunna scream but he covered my mouth. he wispered "If u dont talk I wont hurt you" I screamed anyway.



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