Live While We Young

Allison has won the contest of a life time! She has won a year with One Direction!! One little issue... she is 11.


6. What an awkward car ride

Harry's POV


   When we got to the airport I was so excited a girl would be staying with us for a whole year!! When the plane landed a little girl who looked about 11 walked up to us. "Can we help you?" Liam said. "yes, I would like to go home." "WHAT??" we all said "yea I'm allison and I won." there goes my shot.


Allis POV


    When we got to the car I asked if I could eat somethng " Sure love, what do ya want?" Liam asked politley "I've never had Nandos and I know Niall likes it. Niall laughed so did Zayn. 'oh by the way Im Allison but i liked to be called Alli" "Hey Alli " they all said at the same time... its like they practice.

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