Live While We Young

Allison has won the contest of a life time! She has won a year with One Direction!! One little issue... she is 11.


15. the Concert

When we got home I went upstairs and changed into a floral dress with a light brown leather jacket and some brown knee high wedge boots. After I applied natural makeup and waved my hair. I walked out of the hall and down sttairs to all the boys whistling. "BOYS THAT IS SOO INAPPROPRIATE AND ILLEGAL GOSH!!!". When we arrived at the arena I had to get the tickets under my name!! we got front row seats tho!! when we sat down Harry said "Have you been to a GM concert before?" "yeah my dad goes on tour with him ALOT, Im like BFFLS w/ the background singer shirley!!". -After concert- When the concert ended i we went back stage and I went strait to my dad then Shirley. "Hello love you look great" "thanks shirley, Btw this is Harry, Niall, Lou, Liam , and Zayn."

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