Live While We Young

Allison has won the contest of a life time! She has won a year with One Direction!! One little issue... she is 11.


7. So much drama at Nando's

Alli's POV


    "So whats there to do in London?" I asked Niall. "Well theres sight seeing, concerts, really anything." "Cool". "So are you excited about school love.?" Liam asked me. "Not really, but Niall will be there so it will be better knowing somebody!" I answered. When we got to Nandos the waitress brought us to a table for 6. Then asked for a picture... wierddd. they all said yes and took the pic but then the waitress glared at me and kept starring. I wasn't going to let her do that "Take a picture it lasts longer, Oh BTW you dont need to glare its not like I'm dating them I'm 11 not 18. So go on and you may wanna try hiding your I love Harry Sytles T-Shirt a little better under that uniform." She glared at me once more then walked away. "Nice work, I think we will get along just fine love!" louie said (of course the sass masta). After about 20 minutes of small talk the waitress came over with our food. I took a sip of coke and saw that she took off her I love Harry Styles T-Shirt. I laughed so hard I started to choke. They all stared at me. I felt my cheeks burning up. after we ate they took me to there house.

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